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The bride leaves Spain Alfredo Di Stefano

The bride leaves Spain Alfredo Di Stéfano. Source: elmundo.es
Alfredo Di Stefano claimed last Friday in a television show that he still wanted to marry Gina Gonzalez, his personal assistant. Well, it seems that will not be possible for now. And not because their children will have 'hijacked' at home and have interfered in their relationship by asking her inability , but because Costa Rica has decided to throw in the towel.
Turns itself Gina Gonzalez has confessed to running: "I'm going to Spain, I want to start a new life." So says the portal Chic, which in turn highlights the secretary and girlfriend of former footballer has taken the decision to leave for work. Anyway, also made clear that he was not with Alfredo Di Stefano for money and that "Alfredo considered me his girlfriend".
However, it is important to note that the couple has not been seen since last May 4, although it is rumored that she has made it impossible to see the Saeta Rubia. But their children have been hindered and she's tired of waiting. In this regard, the Secretary of 36 years was quoted as saying that "has to be Alfredo who is interested in me, who makes a move, it is he whom I look ... I'm already tired." Now the question is ... is it a definitive break?

Rocio Marengo, does the new girlfriend of Higuain?

Rocio Marengo, does the new girlfriend of Higuain? Source: 24con.infonews.com
As you recall, Gonzalo Higuain was linked a few weeks to two amazing models that respond to the name of Claudia and Floppy Ciardone Tesouro, with which he was seen in a nightclub in Buenos Aires. It is apparent that the striker still Real Madrid have been linked with another stunning model now Argentina.
This time, it's the explosive Rocio Marengo, a gorgeous actress and model 33 springs which is known in his country for his numerous appearances on various reality shows. In fact, Argentina press has given much hype to the matter, although it has been the 'Pipita' which has denied his affair with the sexy Rocio Marengo to admit on Twitter that "I want to clarify that I am ONLY. Stop making things up without arguments. I really tired. "
Furthermore, the model itself was slightly ambiguous in their responses. "I will neither affirm nor deny that I'm with him ... Let them say whatever they want. I got the information that there are some pictures floating around, if they do make them public, "said Rocio Marengo itself, later said on Twitter that he had a partner:" My friends will not let me tweet but I just want to say that my heart has owner ". Thus, it appears that Higuain is not this model. Anyway, as we are, we leave you with some pictures of the said Rocio Marengo ...
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Ciardone Claudia, one of the 'friends' of Higuain. Source: diariopanorama.com

Lindsey Vonn will not marry Tiger Woods

Lindsey Vonn will not marry Tiger Woods. Source: mundodeportivo.com
As you recall, Tiger Woods and the sexy Lindsey Vonn confirmed their romance in mid-March with an emotional statement on social networks, but the rumors about their engagement earlier this year ran . And since then, only been allowed to see together at one time , so they keep their relationship very hermetizada.
Anyway, the explosive Lindsey Vonn finally has a headline about her romance with American golfer. And the truth is that it was more than convincing, since when he has been asked about his future with him, the skier has confessed that he has no intention ascended the altar.
"No, thank you. Definitely not going to marry me. With anyone, "said the four-time World Cup downhill in an interview with Vogue magazine. That it also gave details of how well you are with Tiger Woods, because he has said that "once we connect, you know? It was one of those things that occur that way. " And to finish his speech in the best way possible, explained how they started out: "We talk a lot, we write a lot, he was a good friend who was always there. Then over time it became more ... is incredible. Life changes quickly, in a very positive way, if you let it, "he said Lindsey Vonn itself.
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Guti's girlfriend, more 'cool' than ever

Over a year ago and they were all ready to get married in Ibiza, in a ceremony much like hippy. However, pregnancy upset all plans of a wedding has been postponed sine die. Because now it is, as the same Romina Belluscio said, that she and Guti contemplating marriage for now.
The announcement came during the presentation of Romina image of a new beer, San Miguel Fresca, which came dressed ad hoc (fresher than ever) with a championship Muay left no one indifferent.
Romina said his experience as a parent has exceeded all expectations. "When are you planning to be a mother, think that many things will change and improve, but until you're not, you can not imagine how great it will be the experience. I'm super happy. Having Enzo has exceeded my expectations completely. " Both has marked the experience of being a mother in September will present a book for pregnant "I made with my coach and it is well to recover after childbirth. He threatened abortion and I had to take care of a lot, so I did very little sport. "
On a possible wedding, said that "right now I do not approach, I am very calm and are very good. I've already been married and I've never felt so close to anyone as I am now with Jose. He has given me the best that I have in life. " Nor is posed to expand the family with the arrival of another child.
We leave you with the IMAGES of Romina cooler. Enjoy!
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In Rio, Francis Pope receives 10 shirt personalized Fluminense

The lawn of Orange served as a helipad for Pope Francisco reach the Guanabara Palace, where it was held an official ceremony to welcome the presence of the Governor Sergio Cabral and Dilma Rousseff. During the 'visit' to the dependencies of Fluminense, vice president Alexey Dantas not miss the opportunity to present the pontiff with a shirt tricolor.
"A great feeling and an honor to receive the Pope at Fluminense. Especially because the club has a great relationship from the time of John Paul II. Now more than ever we have a tricolor holy and sacred ground, "said Alexey Dantas shortly after gifting Pope Francisco.
With good humor, the pontiff Argentine declared supporter of the San Lorenzo thanked this in Spanish, saying "muchas gracias" to receive 10 shirt personalized with the name Francisco. Curiously, the current cast of Fluminense player does not have an owner of the number, as Thiago Neves was sold to Arab football.
On another visit of a Pope in Brazil, Fluminense fans created a strong bond with the pontiff. From the 80, the tricolor started singing the song "Á John Blessing of God" in reference to John Paul II in moments of difficulty team.
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With good humor, the pontiff Argentine declared supporter of the San Lorenzo thanked this.

Mario Balotelli enjoys last days of vacation in Greece

Mario Balotelli enjoyed the last days of prolonged holiday with friends in Greece. Cap and sunglasses and without his girlfriend Fanny Neguesha, the AC Milan striker was filmed surrounded by women, smoking a cigarette. Gives a peek!