Friday, 19 July 2013

Di Stefano insists: "If I can, I'm getting married"

The supposedly abducted Alfredo Di Stefano made his first comments in a while and, in them, has confirmed that continues with the firm intention to marry his secretary Gina Gonzalez. "If I can, yes," answered the honorary president of Real Madrid to the question of the summer program, about whether remained firm in his decision to walk down the aisle. Don Alfredo said he is recovering and that his health is good. And at no time complained of the treatment he dispensed his sons, who recently asked a judge to declare their inability: "If I want my children, who will love me? Let's see who takes care of me ... ".
Meanwhile, her family is still denying the abduction theory. Speaking Vanitatis collecting portal, a daughter of Di Stefano said that "if he says no, it is impossible to get him out of his house," adding: "I have never refused to marry my father, if that was what I wanted The problem is whether it is right or not. In addition, we have to know the person, and that my father had never been presented to us. We learned all through bombshell "he said, referring to an interview published by El Mundo, in which Di Stefano announced his desire to marry Gina.
As for Costa Rica, remains committed to see her boyfriend as soon as possible, and now says it will cancel the link if you leave him two days a week.
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David Villa will purchase a luxury home in Ibiza

David Villa will purchase a luxury home in Ibiza
A few days after his transfer to be paid Atletico Madrid, the "Guaje" and his wife, Patricia González, have purchased a luxury apartment in Ibiza. Vanitatis has been told at the beginning of this week was formalized the purchase of a house of about 300 square meters, in which the player would have paid close to a million and a half euros.'s Property located in one of the most exclusive of the island, on the beach of Talamanca, designed by architect Joaquin Torres, has an exclusive "Beach Club," a relaxing communal area with swimming pools, restaurants and a Spa area located between the apartments and the beach, and in which player can share leisure time with other players who purchased an apartment while urbanization as Zidane and Fernando Hierro.
Other characters have opted this summer by renting in the same household, are David Bustamante and Paula Echevarria, Gonzalo Miró and Borja Thyssen y Blanca Cuesta, who since sold their home a few years ago on the island, have chosen to lease a apartment. Its location in a spectacular and just ten minutes from downtown Ibiza Villa toggle allow relaxation and privacy of a home with heavy security, with the spread on an island where he has years enjoying with his wife and their three children, Zaida, Olalla and Luca.

Ibiza, the players paradise

Pitiusa Island has become the top destination for players who during the month of July, the period in which they are away from the pitch Ibiza often choose to rest. The fact that it is a destination full of paparazzi around that time , does not deter the players to enjoy their beaches and boat tours, where they are often photographed.
In 2011, former player Guti was made with a property on the island. The house, an extravaganza located in Cam Rimbau, has two floors and 500 meters built over 2000 of plot and which according to some sources would have paid almost 3 million euros. According to some sources, the player took just an hour to furnish and payment for it 300 000 euros.
In 2012 Carles Puyol purchased a luxury apartment in Las Boas, one of the most desired developments players, located in Marina Botafoch, with prices ranging from 560 000 euros cheaper, and nearly 2 million euros the most luxurious . He was followed by Gerard Pique and Shakira that just a few months ago acquired two penthouses, with a total area of ​​600 meters with a value of around 2.6 million euros.
A waste available to a select few and to which has been added this week David Villa.