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Ezequiel Schelotto Introduces Us To His Girlfriend Big Sexy Booty

Love is in the air for Argentine midfielder Ezequiel Schelotto and girlfriend Mariana Diarco!The cute couple couldn't keep their hands (and their lips!) off each other as they splashed in the perfect blue sea of Porto Cervo during their Sardinian holidays, this week.

The Argentine former playmate wore mismatched bikini with teal ruffle top and black thong. She enjoyed an amorous sea smooching session with her beau. And who needs a mistletoe when you can kiss under the Italian sun?

Christel Castaño & Pablo Zabaleta Monkey Around In Barbados

Newly married Pablo Zabaleta and Christel Castaño began their future together with a romantic getaway in Barbados. It was the perfect dose of fun in the sun for the newlyweds.

Posing in a tiny white two-piece with a local li'l monkey , the 26-year-old Spanish journalist turned her hubby into a photographer for the day.

Sir Andy Murray? Cameron calls for knighthood

Cameron and Murray

WIMBLEDON hero Andy Murray deserves to become a knight, says Prime Minister David Cameron.

David Beckham and Sir Alex Ferguson also rushed to show their gratitude to the talented Scotsman by congratulating him on his historic achievement.
Cameron said: “Honours are decided independently but, frankly, I can’t think of anyone who deserves one more.”
He added: “It was a fantastic day for Andy Murray, for British tennis and for Britain.
David Cameron at Wimbledon
Support ... Cameron saw history happen yesterday
Andy Murray alongside statue of Fred Perry
History ... Andy Murray alongside statue of Fred Perry
“I think he lifted the spirits of the whole country.
“We were wondering yesterday morning ‘Do we dare to dream that this is possible?’ and he proved absolutely that it was.”
Murray spoke out this morning about the calls of congratulations flooding in.
He said: “I got a message from him [Ferguson] yesterday and this morning.
Andy Murray alongside women's singles winner Marion Bartoli
Winners ... Andy Murray alongside women's singles winner Marion Bartoli
David and Victoria Beckham
Wimbledon final 2012 ... David Beckham couldn't make it to this year's final
“He’s going on a cruise up the coast of Scotland so he wasn’t able to come. He said to me that he always wanted to do that.
“Ten days he said it takes and he’d never done it in his life because he never took 10 days off from his work.
“It’s an unbelievable work ethic for such a long period of time. Spending 15 minutes with him, he’s a really impressive guy and you can learn a lot from him.”
Beckham told the Wimbledon winner: “Well done, congratulations and enjoy it”.
Andy Murray with mum Judy
Proud ... Andy Murray with mum Judy
Andy Murray embraces parents Judy Murray and William Murray
Hug ... Andy Murray embraces parents Judy Murray and William Murray
Andy Murray and girlfriend Kim Sears at Wimbledon bash
Party ... Andy Murray and girlfriend Kim Sears at Wimbledon bash last night
The 26-year-old was also congratulated by the Queen after beating world tennis No1 Novak Djokovic in straight sets yesterday.
He wept with joy and sank to his knees once he had won - later confessing he could not believe it was real.
Caught in a whirlwind of celebrations, the 26-year-old also revealed he only slept for 90 minutes last night because he was scared it would all turn out to be a dream.

Murray's grandparents: 'We jinxed him in the past!'

ANDY Murray’s grandparents revealed it was the first year they couldn’t travel to Wimbledon to watch their grandson – joking they may have been “the jinx”.
Roy and Shirley Erskine had to settle for seeing the historic victory on TV due to injury – but they still danced in the living room when he won.
Andy Murray's grandparents
Joy ... Roy and Shirley Erskine
Roy paid tribute to their daughter’s efforts and said: “There was a dance done in the living room. We just thought it was great, wonderful. We’re very proud and pleased for his sake but also for Judith, his mother.
“She has worked her socks off to help get him where he is.”
While Shirley joked: “Would you believe this is the first year that we haven’t been down there? So I think we are the jinx – he has obviously done great without us but I broke my leg so I couldn’t go.”
But her husband was quick to correct her saying: “No, no. We saw him at the Olympics. That was good!”

Kim Sears, the queen of Wimbledon

Andy Murray has earned the nickname of Sir in the media after achieving the feat of winning at Wimbledon 77 years after the former British did. But his girlfriend, present from the first day on the steps of the All England Club, also received his award crowned the new queen of Wimbledon in the final wearing one of the designs of his admired Victoria Beckham, also witnessed the victory Andy.
Kim Sears is not your typical Wag reaching vase fame as an athlete. It is much more. Beautiful, so is much, Kim is a woman prepared as any other. With advanced courses in art, performance and music, and English studies literaura played at the University of Sussex (Brighton), their formation is above average and Andy started dating long before they figure out that it is today day.
The two met in September 2005 during the dispute of the U.S. Open, but Kim's taste for tennis and family came to him. His father, Nigel Sears, was professional and trained player Daniela Hantuchova and Ana Ivanovic, who managed to be number one in 2008. Until 2006, it brought to light the relationship, but they did it in style when Andy publicly kissed her after beating Andy Roddick's tournament San Jose in California. Since then, the British tabloids have carefully followed the couple who just conquered the tennis world.
The relationship took a break in 2010 because Kim could not stand Andy's addiction to video games. He kept playing the playstation and decided to leave. Six months later, the couple resumed their relationship and went to live in a house in Oxshott, valued at more than four and a half million euros. Since then, Kim has been taming the beast that has been slowly shedding its well-earned reputation for maleducado.Su other passion is dogs and has two Border Terrier to mothering like people.

The neckline of Shakira, not for Iranians

The newspaper El Pais reported the scandal, unintentionally of course, has led to Shakira in Iran, and it turns out that the ultra-conservatives have taken very bad that the Colombian singer appeared on state TV wearing a tank top while watching the end of Confederations Cup played in Maracana few days ago.
On the same day, the network showed some Iranians living in Italy in miniskirts and cleavage of Shakira, which was too much in a country where not only is it mandatory for women to cover from head to toe, but the TV censors any image that does not fit that mold.
Viewers chain specializing in sports, could not believe they saw and at first all was attributed to failure of the censor cut that while most of the planes in which Shakira appeared, he slipped a pair on the which was clearly her cleavage.
Several MPs have called the images of "outrageous" and a weekly ultraconservative Lessarat already, wondered in Wednesday's edition "for when opening cabarets?," According to Agence France Presse. The director general of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), Ezatolá Zarghami, has rejected the criticism. "During volleyball games, spectators are very close to the pitch and some women dress inappropriately, which makes the frames," he told local media, before you regret those pictures "contrary to Islamic law." In his opinion, the only solution is to not broadcast games. "But then, viewers will resort to satellite channels," he said.
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The new love of Barbara Berlusconi

Last week I move the final break between Barbara Berlusconi and Pato. The couple ended a two year relationship and a half that could not overcome often insurmountable barrier of distance. Physically separated since January, when the player signed for Corinthians in Brazil, the flame of passion faded until the daughter of the owner of Milan decided to start a new adventure with another man.
Chi magazine gave up photographic evidence of the arrival on the scene of a third person, but wrong to say that his name was Pietro. Italian media have identified as the new love of Barbara Berlusconi, who happens to be Lorenzo Guerrieri, a student of economics than 24 years through college working in a wine bar. Nobody, therefore, the usual circle Berlusconi's daughter, although they say that Barbara has a crush on him. The photos speak for themselves Chi of passion that has emerged between the two ...
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Sara Carbonero believes in having children out of wedlock

Sara Carbonero believes in having children out of wedlock. Source:
Undoubtedly, Sara Carbonero pregnancy is one of the year's news in the world of sport pink as its belly hit the world's successor Iker Casillas, one of the best goalkeepers in the history of football. Well, although she still has not spoken in public, the newspaper La Razon has had access to statements journalist would have made ​​privately to their environment.
According to this publication, the sexy Sara Carbonero have commented to his inner circle of friends who would not mind having children without being married to Iker. In that sense, his words would have been: "It is fashionable in today's society to have children without being previously married couples."
It should be noted that in many cases have been rumors about a possible wedding between goalkeeper Real Madrid and reporter, but never took place. Precisely, the beautiful Sara Carbonero not mind giving birth out of wedlock with Iker Casillas. And with that ... a wedding would take place after baby's birth? All in due time ...
However, it is likely that you feel like checking out the latest announcement made ​​by the stunning Sara Carbonero, which shows a sensual, passionate ... Here you have a screenshot so you can see how sexy the mother is white. By the way, do not forget to follow us on
Sara Carbonero chocolate melts

Michelle Carvalho again lashes out against Alexis Sanchez

Michelle Carvalho again lashes out against Alexis Sanchez. Source: twitter
Although not yet completed a good season in the pitch, Alexis Sanchez continues to thrive in your country. However, Chile has begun to do and not just as a player, but also as an actor. And the Boy Wonder just star in a new advertisement for the company Movistar.
Anyway, it is necessary to point out that it was the Barca player which all eyes focused on the filming of the ad, but his new girlfriend Catalan was the main protagonist. So, the beautiful and stunning Mary Plaza was the main focus of the session, as captured most of the flashes and photographs.
But it seems that there is someone who does not believe in the relationship of Alexis Sanchez and his new partner. Obviously, we refer to his former girlfriend, the stunning Michelle Carvalho . And the Brazilian model has confessed to Chilean media that "she is the second of fifteen women with Alexis out. I do not think that is something stable, I think it's a fad. He just has a good time. " Also, Michelle Carvalho tremendous wanted finish the job saying that "it seems to be a good girl, but I think that last for the life style that has him ... When he was with me, Alexis had many women." Thus, it is clear that the model does not have fond memories of Chile, and that continues to attack every time you ask ...

Maradona, at war with his ex

Maradona returned to fuss. I had told you that was pissed at seeing his son Diego Fernando in the gossip magazines and now they has waged against her ex, which wants to take custody of the child. Veronica Ojeda has received notice of the subpoena filed by lawyers for Diego Maradona. It is "a criminal complaint for the crime of disobedience."
Maradona's lawyer said his client would fight for custody of Diego Fernando if the blonde continues along the same path. "We do not talk about the custody of Diego Fernando. So yes, if she continues, Diego is going to make a decision. Must see if you are able to raise their child, "said Morla.
As explained by the legal representative of the former player, the criminal complaint filed with the Attorney 7 San Justo, Silvina by Cano, is for the crime of disobedience. And the less public exposure greatly disturbed his father. "It's to show the baby on Twitter. Veronica will be subpoenaed to testify, "said Morla. "Parents have the right to preserve the image of their children. And if one of the two do not agree, in this case, Maradona, there is a judge who fails, "he said.
"Veronica does not have the consent of Diego for the baby to leave the country. He does not understand why you want to show your child when the injunction was in effect, "said Morla. "Here decides Maradona. I'm your lawyer, but his image is so great that he decides for itself, "he observed.
Veronica, however, does not shrink by threats and recently declared that "I will continue posting pictures of my Dieguito. I'm proud of him. " Diego's ex eclama share food for his son and said Rocío (Maradona's new girlfriend) insulted his son every time she called Diego. "I do not know what will happen. I'll show what I told Diego this girl, insults. I have no fear to Diego, "he said.
In short, the war has just begun. Keep you informed ...
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Vitto Saravia: "I'm not famous by Forlan"

Vitto Saravia: "I'm not famous by Forlan." Source: taringa, net
As you recall, Diego Forlan married last Tuesday with the beautiful Peace Cardoso a professional hockey player. Well, days after the wedding of former Atletico Madrid and Inter Milan have told one of his former partners, the tremendous Vitto Saravia.
Little has said the current girlfriend of Pablo Mouche regarding Uruguayan striker marital bond as just pointed out that wishes him well in his new life. Yes, the lush Vitto Saravia has made ​​clear that the fame it has achieved in recent years has nothing to do with the player and his former girlfriend, the tremendous Zaira Nara , which happened in the case of conquest itself Diego Forlan.
In that sense, the explosive Argentina presenter said "I managed, after three years, separate from Zaira Nara and Diego Forlan and become known to me", to which he added that influenced his career that has a resemblance to the model itself Argentina. "First of Zaira not help me at all, if anything was Forlan. And I think it was beneficial because she is a girl so dear to the environment and to think that there was a competition, often called parades not because it would be her. " Also, the lush Vitto Saravia also wanted to make clear that not feel a WAG. "I do not consider myself a Botinera, because although I left with two players, never took the life of a couple of football. I never went to live abroad, and I quit my job for anyone, I have no credit cards, "concluded the stunning brunette.
That said, it is likely that you feel like checking out the small tribute we made ​​the newspaper Olé! Vitto Saravia the sexy, the stunning girlfriend of Pablo Mouche . Here's a little preview ... By the way, do not forget to follow us on !
Vitto Saravia, the girlfriend of Pablo Mouche. Source:

Marc Gasol and Cristina Bielsa, husband and wife

Pau Gasol and Cristina Bielsa, husband and wife. Source:
At 28, Marc Gasol married in yesterday with his girlfriend Cristina Bielsa, something that we announced a few days ago . Thus, the youngest of the brothers Gasol has taken a giant step to say 'I do' to her partner after several years of dating.
However, the ceremony took place in the farmhouse of Can Riera de la Pineda, in a Roman villa located in Arbucies (Girona). Anyway, the wedding was held without media in the vicinity, as a safety cut handled reporters over 200 meters of the said site.
By the way, among the attendees were many colleagues and Marc Gasol own selection such as Juan Carlos Navarro, Fernando Sanemeterio, Jorge Garbajosa, Sergio Llull and Ricky Rubio, among others. Little else is known of the link, but the fact is that it was a civil ceremony and then ended with a cocktail for guests. Of course, nothing was said about the possible marriage between his brother and sister Silvia Pau Lopez ...
That said, it is likely that you feel like to know that one of the companions of Marc Gasol in Memphis recently linked Grizziles via Twitter. We refer to Quincy Pondexter, shooting guard who won a date with Chandler Lawson, the current Miss Tennessee ... Here you have a preview of bellezón of which I speak ... By the way, do not forget to follow us on !
A player for the Memphis Grizzlies linked via Twitter. Source: