Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Cheeky fan takes pictures of breasts Miss Balotelli

Mario Balotelli should fail to appear for the final stage of the Confederations Cup, but appeared in the group matches the AC Milan striker still on the kickoff.
The striker took his fiancée Fanny course Neguesha it. The Belgian clean was spotted during the match against Mexico in the stands, between a band of fiery Italian supporters.

This photo was only this weekend (to our knowledge) uploaded on social media. Wondering what the appropriate fan has done, though we think he can only stay in 'Super Mario' ... better away with his photos

I don’t love Lew

Scherzinger and Hamilton show strain before break-up

Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger in Capri

NICOLE SCHERZINGER and LEWIS HAMILTON actually split up a month ago – not long after these holiday snaps were taken in Capri, Italy.

Their body language says it all.
The singer and F1 driver called time on their five-year romance because their busy work schedules meant they rarely got to see one another.
A source says: “Nicole is heartbroken about the split. She thought he was ‘the one’ but it didn’t work out.”
The source adds: “She and Lewis broke up around a month ago and have been keeping it quiet since then.
“Only a few close friends and family knew and they’ve been comforting both of them.
“Yesterday Nicole had a gig in Sardinia. She is throwing herself into work to forget the pain of the break-up.”

Naughty by Matthias interview Iker Prats Jr (former Sara)

Various web portals are attacked mercilessly, reports Vanitatis, with the curiosity awakened an interview after the match between Spain and Italy. The place you Matías Prats Jr. Iker Casillas. And it turns out that the interviewer was even of Sara Carbonero, girlfriend current captain, in his time at Radio Marca.
The evil-minded wanted to see the seriousness of Casillas as he answered questions Telecinco reporter, not exhaustion from the effort, but a morbid anger at this meeting after the match against Italy. Recodemos that, unlike previous championships, Sara Carbonero longer performs postgame interviews like that so famous after winning the World Cup. Your kiss for the cameras turned the world ...
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Muamba: from death to happy birth of her second child

The former player Fabrice Muamba Congolese announced on Twitter that just become a father for the second time. It was early Friday morning when the baby was born, to be called Matthew Josiah Muamba. Fabrice explained that both mom, Shauna, as the creature, are in perfect health.
Fortunately, it is also better than ever, after last year suffered a cardiac arrest during a match of his team, Bolton against Tottenham. He was neither more nor less than 78 minutes with the heart stopped, almost dead ... One event that shocked the world by the drama of the images when he fell to the turf, Muamba forced to quit football and start a new life, to twenty-five years, and has given a new reason to smile. "It is a special blessing," he said, referring to his offspring. Congratulations, Fabrice!

Nagore Aramburu and Xabi Alonso are expecting a girl

Nagore Aramburu and Xabi Alonso expecting a girl. Source: mujerhoy.es
As you know, Xabi Alonso could not play the Confederations Cup with the Spanish team a groin injury. Precisely, the Tolosa has decided to take one of his few summers off to spend a few days with the sexy and Nagore Aramburu and pregnant with her two children.
And after returning from her mini vacation in Cadiz town of Chiclana, midfielder still Real Madrid and his wife have known since the sex of the baby they are expecting. So says the Heart Today website, which states that Xabi Alonso and Nagore Aramburu will bring the world to a child.
Thus the creature will be the third son, who already have in your family with a child of five years (Jon) and another girl of three (Ane). To all this, the model is expected to give birth later this year, as was announced her pregnancy to almost two months ago . Now this to see if the new born daughter of Xabi Alonso within the Santiago Bernabéu and adds to process white Baby Boom or if it does in another country, as rumors about the escape of another team tolosarra are incessant ...
That said, maybe you feel like to know the latest rumors about a pregnancy of a WAG of Real Madrid. Early reports pointed to Pilar Rubio could be the tape that was in , but in recent times considering the possibility that either Sara Carbonero ... Which of the two would be in the state?

Novak Djokovic's girlfriend boasts great body

Novak's girlfriend Djockovic boasts great body. Source: myfashionlife.com
Novak Djokovic may be as happy. And is that no Serb can do better things both professionally and personally. On one hand, it is little competition and at Wimbledon to win the tournament after defeating Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer in the early rounds. And on the other hand, it seems that is going through a great moment sentimental, since his relationship with Jelena Ristic is increasingly better.
In fact, a few days ago they were spotted enjoying a mini vacation at the beach, where they were very lovey-dovey and playful. And now, Novak Djokovic girlfriend can boast as could be, just starred as a summer campaign for signature 'Figleaves'.
Thus, the spectacular Jelena Ristic has gone from boy to woo his love to the world with this photographic work in the city of Monaco, has sported a body of scandal and her angelic face. Even so, it seems that the girl does not plan to live Nole fashion, but rather the marketing, since you just removed a master and prefers to make a living with a job related to this field. A shame, is not it? That said, we leave you with some screenshots of the session and others gift ...
However, it is likely that you feel like checking out the announcement earlier this year that starred himself sensuous Novak Djokovic and Maria Sharapova, in which she played with Serbian noble parties ... We leave the link and also a screenshot . By the way, do not forget to follow us on copperlebarante.blogspot.com !
The announcement of Sharapova and Djokovic.

Pilar Rubio is pregnant ... or is Sara Carbonero?

Pilar Rubio is pregnant ... or is Sara Carbonero? Source: Diariofemenino
As you recall, Kiko Hernandez was disclosed on Friday in the program save me that Pilar Rubio and Sergio Ramos could be expecting a baby. And according to a source at the hospital in which the reporter had visited, this would be pregnant two months. But Kiko Matamoros told that such information was not true.
Anyway, it has now begun to spread the rumor that there is Pilar Rubio is pregnant, but is Sara Carbonero , Iker Casillas girl. So says the portal Chance, who had received a tip from another source close to the journalist. Also, this site gives two clear reasons why Pilar Rubio should not be on tape and are, in part, logical.
On the one hand, stresses that she and Sergio Ramos have been dating less than a year, so it still seems hasty to give birth to a baby. And, on the other, is that Pilar Rubio promoted a few days ago a brand of beer, something that should not be embarazda have done since state can not drink ... By the way, Sara Carbonero and Iker Casillas have a relationship from three years and living together for one. That said, which of the two couples believe you might be expecting a baby?
However, it is likely that you feel like checking out the latest ad that starred the beautiful Sara Carbonero, in which she can be seen eating chocolate in a very sensual and evocative ... Here you have a screenshot to see him . By the way, do not forget to follow us on copperlebarante.blogspot.com!
Sara Carbonero chocolate melts

Carles Puyol and Vanessa Lorenzo enjoying their first summer in Ibiza

Carles Puyol and Vanessa Lorenzo enjoying their first summer in Ibiza
Carles Puyol and Vanessa Lorenzo in Ibiza. (Cu)
Very discreet and prudent, and have shown Carles Puyol and Vanessa Lorenzo since they began their relationship earlier this year. However, the couple took months considering friendship to something from your environment, you knew it was going beyond.
Increasingly integrated into the family of footballer, the model and spent part of Easter in the hometown of Barca, La Pobla de Segur, confirming that they have ceased to hide a reality more than evident. In fact, increasingly more lavish social networks and Vanessa has taken second place in the stands of the Camp Nou, where it has gone unnoticed.
The model also has become an important support after knee surgery which underwent Puyol on 15 March and he has moved away from the field until the end of this season.
With a long vacation by prescription and not be called for the Confederations Cup, Carles Pujol and Vanessa Lorenzo took advantage of their time off to travel to New York in early June, a getaway that the player himself was commissioned to announce through Instagram your profile hanging, for the first time, a picture in which he appeared with his girlfriend.

An exclusive villa in Ibiza

These days, the footballer and the model are enjoying Ibiza, where they will spend their first summer as a couple. There have been seen relaxing on the most popular beaches of the island and sailing on a sailboat, where international dummy immortalized the time to upload the photo to Twitter. However, the highlight of this stay is the resort where you are staying Carles Puyol.
Known as Life Marina Ibiza , this ambitious project is one of the architectural jewels of the island. Here, the player was made ​​in 2010 with one of the penthouses -before-built, valued at more than three million euros which his teammate Gerard Pique has disbursed, but doubled by having two of the penthouses on the right side of the main building.
The interiors of these penthouses Catalans have been furnished and decorated by the team and Ribas Ribas, who works closely with the p restigioso architect Jean Nouvel, the father of this project. The exterior of the building is full of color thanks to the thousand species of flowers of different hue for each of the seven floors, which towers over the landscape white ibicenzo, and has been designed by French botanist Patrick Blank, known for its vertical gardens.