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Luis Nani & Daniela Martins: Hello From Miami

It's summer. Footballer and wags get married, those who don't marry go on holiday in trendy place. Marriage can waiy for Luis Nani and Daniela Martins. Like many of his colleagues in football the Portuguese winger has chosen Miami as his destination for a vacation with his longtime girlfriend.

The Manchester United player seemed sullen as usual. Grumpy cat looks so happy compared to him! What abou Daniela? She failed the bikini test.
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The Spanish origins of Marian, the 'first lady' white pair of Carlo Ancelotti

The Spanish origins of Marian, the 'first lady' white pair of Carlo Ancelotti
Marian and Ancelotti on Wednesday in Madrid. (Cu)
Curiosity. That's what sparked Wednesday female company with which Carlo Ancelloti attended his presentation as the new coach of Real Madrid . Far from the flashes and in the background she was, the couple who seeks to restore shine to the template merengue. With blond hair, elegant black dress and a white jacket with which staff winked his new team, Marian has become the first lady Madrid after Florentino Perez Pitina lost his wife in May 2012.
From origins alcarreños and raised in Canada, the pair of "Carletto" as he knows his closest friends-takes her hand over a year and a half. True to him and convinced the future of their love story, moved from Canada where he grew up from a very small, to Paris, where Ancelotti was hired as coach of Paris Saint-Germain in December 2011. There, Marian undertook to seek residence for the couple and enroll her 16 years at an exclusive boarding school in London, who this time Marian brings to Madrid after you have passed the entrance exams of the American College, located in La Finca.
Who also land in the coming days in the capital will be Davide, 23, one of the two children he had with his ex-wife Luisa Ancelotti Gibellini that possibly work at Real Madrid after playing for AC Milan and being trainer the youth category PSG last team his father coached.
Called 'mystery woman' by the Italian press after they were first seen together in December 2011 on a speedboat through the canals of Venice, are seldom been seen in public. The latest, a charity event in Cannes in May 2012 and the last tournament at Roland Garros, not the press have helped to give some details about his life.
His perfect command of Castilian and his desire to return to his native Guadalajara, where he lives part of his family, have been perhaps one of the reasons that have more weight when the Italian coach has chosen Real Madrid his new adventure sport. Furthermore, according to sources close to the white club, Marian would have been an important part of the negotiation not only for their homeland language skill but Madrid partner status of his father, as he said a few days ago the journalist Javier G . Matallanas in the daily AS.

Infidel with a Romanian journalist

Considered one of the world's highest paid coaches (claimed more than seven million euros in the PSG and Real Madrid comes charging almost half of what Mourinho perceived in a year, 12 million), Carlo Ancelotti has never made ​​the ostentatious its hallmark.
Without a voice louder than the other and no evil gesture towards the press, "Carletto" has remained out of the spotlight for many years, until in 2008 came to light their relationship almost four years with the Romanian journalist Marina Cretu , ending twenty-five years of marriage to Luisa Gibellini, whose union were born Katia, 29, and David, who follows in the footsteps of his father in the football world.

Nadal Wimbledon uses its disposal to carry Xisca the Julio Iglesias concert in Barcelona

Nadal Wimbledon uses its disposal to carry Xisca the Julio Iglesias concert in Barcelona
Rafa Nadal and Xisca, on Wednesday during the concert. (IC)
Seen and unseen. So was the presence of Rafa Nadal at Wimbledon. After showing at Roland Garros who the real king of clay-tournament he has won eight times-, the tennis player said goodbye to British grass the first opportunity after losing in the first round against Steve Darcis, number 135 the world.
Forced to return to Spain, Rafa Nadal traveled from London to Barcelona to go with his girlfriend to the concert Xisca Julio Iglesias , who will act for the last time in Spain on August 3 at the Starlite Festival - offered on Wednesday at the new Festival Jardins de Predalbes, where the singer hung the sign No entries a month. All sold, since the inputs (without vision) of 17 188 euros until.
About to turn 70 years old on September 23, Julio Iglesias proved he still continues incombustible on stage despite still clinging to their old songs, those that have become the artist most discs Spanish speaking has sold. Beside him, Nadal was the big star of the night, whom the singer not stop praising as if the only Spanish hero.
"Where are you, Rafa, asked Julio Iglesias. Then, did not hesitate to define it as "the athlete who has done our country dream in the last thirty years." He also praised as a child ("I wish you were my brother"), which was accompanied phrase a huge standing ovation, did not hesitate hanging on social networks photographs of tennis coming to the concert.

Nadal and Julio Iglesias, from seafood

The special relationship with Julio Iglesias Rafa Nadal came in early 2011 when former Isabel Preysler put music to the gala organized by the Foundation Rafa Nadal at the Palacio de Cibeles in Madrid.
Shortly thereafter, in December 2011, the singer would receive in Madrid, at the hands of the athlete, the prize for having managed to be the only living Spanish artist who has sold 300 million copies worldwide and 26 million in Spain. After the ceremony, the two decided to celebrate its success working with a seafood in Sanxenxo, one of the best restaurants in Madrid and situated on the Golden Mile.

A wedding 'ghost' and Actual Gasol clan

A wedding 'ghost' and Actual Gasol clan
A few days ago, several American media gave surprising news: Pau Gasol, 33, current Los Angeles Lakers player, had married in secret with the cheerleader Silvia Lopez, 23, who has a stable relationship for four years. During the presentation of a charity event in Barcelona on Thursday, the sportsman, who was accompanied by his brother Marc, smiled knowingly when asked about his link ghost looked at his fingers as if he were looking for a ring that exists and blurted out "I have not secretly married."
Two years ago, Pau and his girlfriend were also victims of the rumor mill MediaTakeOut when the portal said the Spanish center had broken up with her. What's more, others said that the cause of the break had been a Silvia alleged infidelity with Kobe Bryant, Gasol teammate. Soon after, our international player cleared all doubts ensuring that everything was fake. But even so, neither has been nor will there soon wedding.
When journalists had given any banquet closed, turned the tables on the press conference. Ghost had a wedding to another very real, as was his middle brother Marc, 28, who dropped the bomb: "I do my case." Although the young man would not go into details, it is known that six years shares if life with Cristina Blesa, a young Catalan did not hesitate to leave the family home a couple of years ago to live with her boyfriend in Memphis since the Grizzlies Marc plays in the NBA.
Ceremony is scheduled to be held the first week of July in a town near Girona that the couple did not want to reveal. Marc has not wanted to talk about their honeymoon, but it looks like it will run out of it or will be very soon, "since my holidays are over and I have to incorporate the team in short time."
The two brothers and their partners get along so well and are so discreet that a few days spent a few days relaxing in Menorca, one of his favorite islands, where they get to release tension accumulated during the season. Besides long walks around the island, young chartered a boat to explore the coves of the area.

The uncertain future of Pau

Pau will stay even in Barcelona, ​​as it is recovering from his recent operation tendinitis in both knees. "I want to be focused on my rehab in order to give the best of myself." Is aware of the uncertainty about its future because it is rumored that the Lakers can do without it, which would be a huge disappointment for fans, as well known as Jack Nicholson, Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem or Leonardo DiCaprio. "There are still many unknowns in As for my team that will be solved soon. The rumors about my transfer circulating for two years, but the truth is that I have a one year contract and I am to see them come, "he said.
In brief this family may give us a new surprise, as his younger brother Adrià played basketball, "but you have to leave him alone and room to breathe. It's starting, "he said Marc

As high as solidarity

The two brothers are news because a month ago created their own foundation, with which just sponsor a kids club in Los Angeles and Memphis to instill how important it is to have a healthy lifestyle by exercising and eating right, especially in the United States, where obesity levels are abysmal.
In addition, during your stay in Barcelona, ​​they handed over 150 bicycles for the NGO 'Bikes Without Borders' that recycles and restores these items to give to children at risk of social exclusion or needy. This act was framed within the activities of the Citizens Movement 0.0 San Miguel that enhances a healthy and sustainable society.

Shakira and Pique's parents suffer with La Roja

Shakira and Pique's parents suffer with La Roja

Shakira seems to have been deaf to the information-denied and denounced by the federation, which pointed to the Spanish team could have mounted a party in which the caipirinhas and women were the true stars. So much so, that despite unable to be next to Gerard Pique as long as both would like, the Colombian has not hesitated to take this trip to strengthen ties with the family of Barca defense.
According to several Brazilian media, Shakira and the marriage of Joan Piqué Bernabeu Montserrat enjoyed a day before the game one of the best restaurants in the city of Fortaleza, where Spain was played Thursday against Italy through to the final of the Copa Confederations.
With renewed energy and eager to support Pique, player's parents and Colombia were three authentic fans at the Stadium box Castelao, especially Shakira Monste and celebrating all the actions that created the Red danger in front of goal Azzurri by standing and raising his arms on more than one occasion.
Very dear in Latin America, the singer went on more than two occasions on giant video screens revolutionizing the viewers who were eager to applaud, something not repeated when Piqué played at ball, which received sound blasts, as was the case with the other Spanish players.

A deserved vacation

After giving birth to little Milan last January and participate as a coach in the program The Voice United States, Shakira decided to take a break.
Far from enjoying the hotel in which it is housed, by paying 2,700 euros a night - the singer has decided to travel the country and travel to the northern city of Salvador de Bahia, where he visited his friend Carlinhos Brown, with whom , as she wrote on her Twitter, shared studio.

Raffaella Fico Balotelli poses with the small

Raffaella Fico is splendid. Motherhood has not left marks on his impressive figure, which these days has become to look in a bikini. Some images Balotelli's ex does not appear alone, but in good company: his daughter Pia, daughter of Mario Balotelli also although this is not recognized in the moment and it appears that is not going to do it ...
The magazine 'People' has photographed both the caring attitude and Italian model has not hidden his mother proudly wearing his daughter (not son as some have said undocumented) stating that "Pia is the best gift you could make me Mario ". He also said that the small celebrates her father's goals for Italy. "Hear the noise and get nervous but happy when we all celebrated goals from Balotelli. Because I'm going to Italy and no matter who scores. Mario also is a champion, no doubt about it, and does his duty in the field. "
Another thing is what Balotelli Raffaella think outside the pitch. It is very disappointed that the striker still be tested for DNA, which he asked to check that the small Pia is his daughter. "I'm angry and incredulous by the indifference shown by the little girl," said the Fico.
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The 'octopus Vivi' congratulates Messi with topless

Many congratulations are receiving and will receive on Monday Leo Messi, who celebrated his 26th birthday. But one of the most special is, without doubt, it has provided the 'Octopus Vivi', well known for its football forecasts, which started to become world famous over the past Eurcocopa.
But the strangest thing of all is that Virginie Caprice, as he calls himself although his real name is Viriginie Gervais, is that Vivi was also born a day of San Juan, but a few years before Leo. If the Blaugrana turns 26, she held about 33 years, very well kept as you can see in the image on that with a topless congratulated the Blaugrana. We congratulate both wholeheartedly. A one to keep delighting us with his football for many years and the other to continue to present to our view its forecasts Ae. Congrats!
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Rubio PIlar not believe Red sprees

The echoes of the alleged Spanish selection sprees in Brazil remain off and are recurring topic of conversation in the media. Both so Pilar Rubio, interested party for his romance with Sergio Ramos has not kept outside the scandal and had to answer questions from reporters about it. It has done so in an act of promoting ceveza Sol and his answer was blunt. No doubt whatever version of her boyfriend and the other players of La Roja.
"I'm not going to rag on the nonsense that is said. These things usually invents the press. In your partner have to trust, "said the presenter on the subject. And although he stressed that "I want my private life to be private because I do not think I have to answer to anyone about what I do," said he is in "full time" in regards to the staff. Just wanted to add on the selection sprees, a whitefish that are not believed.

The Brides of Tevez

What will Carlos Tevez? It's the million dollar question. Or perhaps the answer lies in a million ... Because, make no mistake, the Apache is not handsome. Not even attractive. Do you? That should answer the many women he has shared bed ... Yes, Charlie is a true collector of brides and ... as they say in Italy, where he expected to sign for Juventus, betrayal.
And is that the Argentine striker is married, but that has brought him carelessly star when away from home scandals. The complicated character not only has caused problems with their coaches or peers but also with his wife, whom he left giving birth to her first child, to fall into the arms of the model Mariana Paesani. They were also very talked about his adventures with the showgirls and Claudia Vanesa Carbone Ciardone (which lately has been linked with Higuain) or his latest romance with the young and beautiful actress Brenda Asnicar, who, incidentally, has a new boyfriend.
They four are the tip of the iceberg of a long list of conquests that would not fit on this website. So we leave you with the galleries of the three 'brides' most significant in a Apache whose arrows of love seem as effective as the Cupid himself ... Enjoy!
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Maxi & Wanda: "I do"

wanda-nara - 10 OK
Five years after marriage, the former player of FC Barcelona, ​​Maxi Lopez and his wife, the spectacular vedette Wanda Nara, have renewed their wedding vows. And they have done in a heavenly scenario: the Brazilian island of faces, where of sun, sand and crystalline waters have turned to swear eternal love in a romantic ceremony, which has exclusive Argentina magazine 'Faces'.
The couple posed in a very sensual and Wanda was very happy about the event. "This means Maxi back to tell all that I love him and how grateful I am for the three children she has given me." The idea of ​​the renewal of vows came the same day as the first wedding. "Maxi, at the party, do not know if the effect of alcohol, promised that in five years would celebrate the marriage and here we are," revealed the 'girlfriend', which was accompanied at the ceremony his beautiful sister Zaira Nara, ex Forlan.
Father of Valentino (4), Constantine (2) and Benedict (1), Maxi explained that "to preserve the privacy must be very order. We respect our schedules. The guys start up very early, but also slept very early. " The striker added that "despite being very modern, we have a good old-fashioned family. In a time when all marriages end quickly we try to build something stable. "
We leave you with the images of the renewal of vows and if you want to see the most hot and spicy gallery of Wanda Nara, click here. Enjoy!
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Helen: the slip to assault

Coincidence or recklessness? Anyway, Helen Flanagan, Scott Sinclair's girlfriend, Manchester City, revealed on Twitter that she was alone at home when he wrote that missed her guy and ... after a few hours three individuals hooded gunmen raided the mansion.
While were locked in a room ("I thought I was going to die"), the looters stole everything they could. Logically, the actress was very affected by what happened. She was found in a state of shock, and needed help. It commissioned the former player of Manchester United, Wes Brown, who took her into his home while police conducted the necessary steps. After the scare, Helen now wants criminals pay for the crime and the bad times that made him pass.
For now, he's back to his mansion and her boyfriend Scott Sinclair, who also returned from his holiday trip, he has permanent surveillance around the clock seven days a week. All to prevent greater evils after last Monday's assault.
The previous weekend, by the way, Helen estivo in Ibiza for a photo shoot on the beach. While performing, he had a slip and escaped breast bikini, as well caught on camera. Some images that featured in The Sun and you can see in the gallery below.
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