Saturday, 15 June 2013

Pilar Rubio: A bloody and murderous zombie

Surely if the saw in that guise on the street, until Sergio Ramos would run. And although recognizing costs characterized as a bloody and murderous zombie scary seeing Pilar Rubio in this manner. But that's how it appears on the cover of the album 'Feast' group 'Annihilator'.
The pretty presenter demonstrate another of his facets, the actress confirms her passion for the 'heavy metal'. That loves music, and loves the culture that surrounds it. To the extent you have created your own clothing line, 'Metalhead', which are not lacking skulls, spiders and other paraphernalia terrifying. The record, announced by the magazine 'Rolling Stone', will be released in Spain on 23 August and in October, the group will visit our country, on a tour with concerts in Barcelona and Madrid, whose poster you see above.
Incidentally, since its merger with the Spanish team, Sergio Ramos does not forget Pilar and is awaiting her. As an example, explain that, a few days ago, took the opportunity to promote their work and retweeted the message that Pilar announced that "we already have available the catalog of the new collection of 'Metalhead'. The can download whenever you want ".
If you want to see a Pilar Rubio less bloody and more sexy, you just have to click here .
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Cristiano Ronaldo caught with too many women ...

Cristiano Ronaldo, partying with too many women ... Source:
Today, Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk totaling almost three and a half year relationship. Both appear to form a very stable couple, but the fact is what has happened to many rumors about some possible (or not) infidelities by the Real Madrid player, such as that which would have made ​​the spectacular Andressa Urach few months ago.
Precisely, Cristiano Ronaldo has hung the label of today womanizer, though he also contributed to his fame with several nights out something crazy like that would have starred this week in Miami. In fact, The New York Post has reported that the Portuguese would have gone to a luxurious club with several daughters of the most lush, which did not stop piropearle and gild the pill.
According to a source cited by the aforementioned tabloid, "everyone looked over at Christian and his female entourage when they made their appearance in the hotel bar, and as soon as they arrived, the waiters started serving massive amounts of liquor to meet the demands of the whole group, who seemed to be looking forward to a wild night. " So, not only was surrounded by beautiful women, but ran a party with them without compunction. How do you take the sexy Irina Shayk ...?
That said, it is likely that you feel like checking out precisely to the spectacular Andressa Urach , the woman who claims to have had relations with Cristiano Ronaldo and a few months later denounced the Portuguese . Here you have a little preview ... By the way, do not forget to follow us on !
Andressa Urach, denounced by CR7