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Daily Bagel: Beyonce’s message for Serena Williams

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• Photo: That message was posted on Beyonce’s website after Serena Williams beat Maria Sharapova in the French Open final.
• At 31, Serena’s game is growing, as Vanderbilt women’s coach Geoff Macdonald writes for The New York Times.
What was most impressive about Williams was the sheer variety of shots in her arsenal. For years, she won with powerful serving and fearsome ball striking off both sides. It was brutally effective, the tennis equivalent of shock and awe. But her game could implode on the occasional bad day. A year ago at Roland Garros, Williams lost in the first round to Virginie Razzano, beating herself with countless unforced errors. She looked miserable on the red clay, at war with both herself and the humbling surface.
But against Sharapova, a player who looks to take control of the point from the first strike, Williams showed her much improved ground game. Rather than go for a winner on the first or second ball, she used spin and height and change of direction to outmaneuver her taller, less agile opponent.
• Williams tells USA Today’s Doug Robson that she’s already focused on Wimbledon.
• In case you missed it, here are Jon Wertheim’s 50 parting thoughts from the French Open.
•’s Greg Garber has 10 Roland Garros takeaways from the men’s side and his colleague Jim Caple has 10 from the women’s side.
• Grantland’s Brian Phillips on how Rafael Nadal’s victory proved everything and nothing at the same time.
• Jason Gay of The Wall Street Journal describes the gap between Williams and the rest of the field this way:
At the moment, there is not an earthly gap between Williams and the rest of the elite in women’s tennis. Serena is her own planet.
• Reuters examines Nadal’s bid to regain the No. 1 ranking this year.
• Roger Federer and Tommy Haas are playing doubles together in Halle, Germany, this week.
• The WTA’s website puts Williams’ French Open title in perspective.
• Non-tennis: A moving Washington Post story about a Newtown, Conn., family’s struggle to recover after the shootings.
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Gerard Piqué denies his intention to marry Shakira

Gerard Piqué denies his intention to marry Shakira
Gerard Pique and Shakira, in an image archive (IC)

There will be no wedding between Gerard Pique and Shakira. At least that's what has been quick to confirm the footballer, who says that if one day he decides to take the 'I do' with the Colombian singer will not be at the christening of his son Milan, scheduled for this summer. American media take several weeks speculating that the couple is preparing 2x1 in the church -baptism and wedding-but Pique has denied such an initiative.
"Not the time, our world today is centered on Milan, we are not thinking about something else," said the Blaugrana player in an interview with HuffPost. Yes, doing a bit of memory and considering the countless times both the couple and their immediate family Shakira denied pregnancy, anything is possible. The arrival to the world of shoot was at all times surrounded by mystery and tried to hide the state of good hope Barranquillas artist until the last moment. This makes his public denials are quarantined by the media.
Still, leaving no doubt is that Milan has changed the priorities of their famous parents. This has been assured himself Piqué: "It changes everything, absolutely everything. The love you feel for your child everything transforms. Now have someone helpless, tiny, that depends on you and just counting on you. You look at him and know that your world is focused on him, in that part of you. " Something he shares with Shakira, who has decided to put aside his role as a judge on The Voice to spend more time with his son.
Pique says being "a very present father, I like to participate in everything " . Despite this, the fact is that the couple has help raising their little: "We need help because we both have to attend our careers, we work hard, because we have to sleep, travel ... But we like to take care and be with our child support is only for those times, "says the player for said means. You further acknowledge that they will not stay here and not hide his desire to expand the family: "We want to have more children, of course, but later, at the moment we are focused and really enjoying Milan".
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Mandy Capristo and Mesut Ozil, very much in love

Mandy Capristo and Mesut Ozil, very much in love. Source:
Some couples express their love on social networks in a consistent and habitual, as may be the case ofFeliciano Lopez and Alba Carrillo . However, there are many others who prefer to be polite and keep your romance shadow. In this bag could put Mesut Özil and Mandy Capristo, which led her relationship with much secrecy.
However, the German singer has decided to break this trend and has posted a picture on Facebook in which she is seen next to the Real Madrid midfielder. In fact, it is a very romantic capture, since they are seen in a very loving attitude and caramel. As can be seen, Mesut Özil holds the sexy Mandy Capristo in arms with a nice backdrop.
Alongside this photograph tender, the beautiful singer has the following description: "And then YOU came into my life ..." (And then you came into my life) ". And because of this act so passionate, many Germans media have labeled them as perfect and ideal partner. So Mandy Capristo confirms once and for all who has an affair with Mesut Özil, because although he had never denied either, neither had confirmed ...
That said, you may feel like you have a look at the explosive former girlfriend of Mesut Özil, the stunning Aida Yespica . In the link I have left can know her a little better and browse your best shots, such as the one we leave then. By the way, do not forget to follow us on !
Aida Yespica