Thursday, 13 June 2013

Gerard Piqué: "Shakira and I are not married now"

Gerard Piqué: "Shakira and I are not married now." Source:
Undoubtedly, one of the great summer soap operas had to do with the alleged wedding between Gerard Pique and Shakira , to be held in Blanes. However, both parties have denied that the couple will marry, since the priority right now is the small Milan.
It was first hinted Shakira which was now Gerard Pique himself which has made ​​official in an interview with HuffPost. "It is time to get married, our world today is centered on Milan, we are not thinking about something else," he confessed Barca defender. He has also made a small review of his first months as a parent. "It changes everything, absolutely everything. The love you feel for your child everything transforms. Now you have someone helpless, tiny, that depends on you and just counting on you. You look at him and know that your world is focused on him, in that part of you, "he pointed Catalan.
And that's not all, since it also stressed that "a very present father, I like to participate in everything.Shakira and I divided the tasks very well. And is that the parents are not living all so chaotic, we are very natural, and we enjoyed every moment living day to day. " On the other hand, stressed that "Shakira is the best mom in the world, next to mine. Is that Milan could not have better mom. " And finally, Gerard Pique has taken a big headline: "We want to have more children, of course, but later, at this moment we are concentrating and enjoying it to Milan".
That said, it is likely that you feel like meeting a new WAG's squad. Obviously, we refer to the sultry Bruna Marquezine, Neymar's girlfriend . In the link I have left we show some of his best photographs, but first a small step ... By the way, do not forget to follow us on !
Bruna Marquezine, the beautiful bride of Neymar

Di Stefano's girlfriend resign to marry to be with him

Di Stefano's girlfriend resign to marry to be with him. Source:
The saga starring Gina Gonzalez, Alfredo di Stefano and the children of this is very, very alive. The young Costa Rican, a few days ago publicly called freedom of the Saeta Rubia after stating that his successors were isolated, has again come to the fore to release another 'bomb'.
This time, Gina Gonzalez has confessed in the program Public Mirror he would be "willing to not get married just to be with him, watch a football game, eat together, laugh ... see him and be with him." Thus, the secretary and personal assistant to the President of Honour of Real Madrid wanted to show that it wants to Alfredo di Stefano, the man who has 50 years apart.
Also, Gina Gonzalez has also stressed that former footballer marry "was the only remedy to keep separate us but now that we're apart would be willing to resign if he could see if only three days a week."Lastly, the Rican remarked that "I really love you, not interested and nobody will be able to break", to which he added that their children "" I would say that the feeling is still strong and it carried Patagonia or wherever because they are six years of understanding, tenderness, love ... ".
That said, you might feel like to know another novelty that have to do with Real Madrid. In case you did not know, is that Jessica Bueno, Kiko Rivera's ex, has started an affair with a white player . You already know who we mean? Find out in the link that I have left. By the way, do not forget to follow us on !
Jessica Well, with footballer Jack Peleteiro? Source:

Sara Carbonero, jealous of Gaby Elizalde

Sara Carbonero, jealous of Gaby Elizalde. Source: hawaiidermatology
As you know, this same weekend Confederations Cup starts. And, as is evident, Sara Carbonero and his team have moved next to the issuance of 'La Roja' to cover this tournament being held in Brazil. In fact, so close and so is the journalist over Iker Casillas might even have forced him to cancel an interview with a Mexican reporter stunning.
That is what ensures Gaby Elizalde, the abovementioned journalist who saw canceled his interview with the goalkeeper of Real Madrid and Spain. "Yesterday I interviewed Gaby Elizalde Iker Casillas. Why?Just ask Sara Carbonero "he wrote in yesterday's exuberant Aztec editor in his personal Twitter account.Also, Fox Sports employee has confessed in a local newspaper that "gave interviews by appointment and I played about an hour, I was ready, we bought a pinata and a bag of Frida Kahlo to make her feel at ease. And I expected to come out otherwise, was outside the 'suite' his girlfriend Sara, we saw and all of a sudden he gets to the room, spend a few minutes out to tell me they were not going to give the interview " .
On the other hand, the tremendous Gaby Elizalde added that "when I was the person who brought Iker to Mexico, I sent a message to my phone apologizing for what happened, and it was because Sara Carbonero made a jealous scene Iker saying he did not want me to do an interview, and so, I had to go. "However, after the helplessness and anger suffered by the rudeness, the sexy reporter has decided to delete some of the comments from his Twitter account to not to make more mess, but the truth is that the controversy is served. That said, we leave you with some pictures of the lush Gaby Elizalde.
However, you may feel like you have a look at another journalist making bread and dip. In this case, we refer to the tremendous Ivana Nadal, the hottest reporter throughout Argentina . Here you have a little preview for you to see the monument that reports sports in the country of Leo Messi ... By the way, do not forget to follow us on !
Ivana Nadal poses for the man magazine. Source: