Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Mourinho, Ronaldo and Carvalho trying to help Essien

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Michael Essien organizes' The Game of Hope "and asked several team mates from Real Madrid to help the promotion. In English with some gaffes.
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Jordan Kuwait crushes (21-0)

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The meeting was official and counted for Asia Cup
Jordan had no mercy for the young women's team in Kuwait. Selecting the Middle East homologous crushed the Persian Gulf for a 21-0 unthinkable.

In the end it was possible to find a culprit: the keeper. In fact, it was inspired in later, but the fellow did not field much better.

The best thing is to see the summary of the 21 goals.
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Nadal "killed" Nelson Mandela on Twitter

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The recent winner of Roland Garros, after receiving the wrong information, lamented on Twitter the disappearance of the former South African president.

"Today we lost one of the most important characters of our world. RIP Nelson Mandela" wrote wrongly on his Twitter account the tennis player Rafael Nadal, who on Sunday won for the eighth time tennis tournament at Roland Garros.

Perhaps influenced by information the journalist Piers Morgan of CNN, that social network, suggesting that the former South African leader, hospitalized in serious condition, would have died, Nadal advanced with that message. Shortly thereafter, the tennis player rectified content:

"He had the wrong information and now Nelson Mandela has not left us. Would that be with us long, because what he did will be forever." Follow us on

The new look of Ibrahimovic

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Crack Swede had changed her hairstyle and criticism quickly followed in social networks. The "101greatgoals", for example, compares the look of PSG striker to the singer and actress Miley Cyrus.
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Player of the Lakers lost to domestic

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Remember the despair of Shaquille O'Neal at the free throw line? Dwight Howard suffers from the same problem.And this video will not help the self-esteem.
Shaquille O'Neal had the particularity of not getting along the free throw line but now have a follower. Dwight Howard, star of the Los Angeles Lakers, was challenged by a housewife, daughter of an LA Times columnist. The result was amazing ... or maybe not.

Daughter of former Liverpool star does striptease on the net

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Tahli, daughter of Bruce Grobbelaar, goalkeeper of Liverpool between 1980 and 1994, is professional striptease on the internet, charging 3.5 euros per minute.
The daily English tabloid "The Sun" stands in its edition of Sunday Thali Grobbelaar, daughter of former Liverpool goalkeeper, Bruce Grobbelaar, is professional striptease on the internet, charging 3.5 euros per minute.

The "The Sun" published several photos of Thali, 28, taken from the internet during your activity, pointing out that it is said "a girl in a sexy webcam fun", adding: "I like to play with both girls as with boys and give pleasure and try new things obscene. everything you experience once in a lifetime. "

The same paper notes the need for a prior contact by email with Tahli Grobbelaar where the time to the customer, with which then talks while doing striptease. The "The Sun" writes that in these dialogues commented that his father was "famous" and that she was doing striptease "with the goal of raising money for their new footwear company." 

Higuain's double with two models of myocardial

He's still a Real Madrid player Gonzalo Higuain is the main protagonist of a scandal that covers the glass gossip Argentina. And according to the portal unveiled, the striker ran a spree known championship with two showgirls at a nightclub in Buenos Aires.
The megaparty have taken place last Friday after the match played by the Argentinean team to Colombia. The Pipit was ejected in the first period with what was free for the next game against Ecuador selection and was able to leave the discipline of choice that night.
Apparently, Higuain decided to 'celebrate' gonna dance to Porto Soho, a nightclub in the neighborhood of Palermo. There, and explains, striker was seen in the VIP area of ​​the first floor of the enclosure with Claudia Ciardone and Florence Tesouro two local celebrities after participating in popular reality shows. Both blondes refused after the facts, but the Argentine website claims that were next to Madrid from three to five in the morning and the Pipita "in those two hours was useful to have some French love. As he ".
We leave you with some pictures of the girls he was supposed to Higuain doubled in the early hours of Saturday ... Enjoy!
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Pique, Fabregas and Puyol, shopping in NY

Pique, Fabregas and Puyol, shopping in NY. Source: twitter
As you know, the Spanish football team tonight dispute the second preparatory meeting of the Confederations Cup against Ireland. The stage of mourning will be the Yankee Stadium in New York City reached by the expedition of the Red on Saturday. Well, some players are not only preparing for the competition which starts on Saturday, but in his free time engaged in shopping in the Big Apple.
This is the case of Gerard Piqué and Cesc Fàbregas . Turns out, as Barca midfielder posted on his Twitter account, both teammates and team decided to leave the hotel to do some shopping for their newborn children. "Shopping in NY to Milan and Lia" Fabregas wrote on his Twitter account, which also published a photograph next to Gerard Pique own.
Anyway, Pique and Fabregas were not the only ones that have been given a tour of the city that never sleeps. So has another of his fellow Barca dressing room, the Carles Puyol. Interestingly, Captain FC Barcelona also has been planted in New York despite not dispute the Confederations Cup with Spain.And it turns out that of La Pobla de Segur planted without warning in New York City with his girlfriend, Vanessa Lorenzo tremendous ( something that social networks announced a few days ago ). Here's a corroborating photograph ...
Pique, Fabregas and Puyol, shopping in NY. Source: twitter
That said, it is likely that you feel like have a look at the best photos of the said Vanessa Lorenzo , the girlfriend of Carles Puyol spectacular ... Here you have a little preview for you to see with what monument is dating the captain of Barça. By the way, do not forget to follow us on