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Mario Balotelli, what singleness to the altar?

Mario Balotelli and Fanny Neguesha together again. Source
Undoubtedly, Mario Balotelli is an unpredictable guy in every way of life, both on the pitch and off it. As you recall, left the beautiful Fanny Neguesha shortly after confessing that he loved her and a couple of days after habérsela 'offered' to the players of Real Madrid if they could eliminate the Borussia Dortmund.
Well, it seemed that the Belgian had passed into history, but it turns out SuperMario has decided to resume his relationship with her, and they were seen again together and caramel on the streets of Brescia and Milan. That's what I say many Italian media, speculating that they would even be possible and crazy wedding between both (him and asked him to marry a foil ring months ago ...).
In fact, as highlighted some web portals, the link may occur after the Confederations Cup will play the Italian this June. Thus, it appears that the spectacular brunette was on the steps of San Siro with his brother Enock was not his new partner. But it may be that the tremendous Shayna Grace has exercised Cupid in this story, a friend of Fanny Neguesha which, in turn, is the only woman who follows Mario Balotelli himself on Twitter ... Anyway, it seems that love again knocking SuperMario. Let's see how long this time.
Having said that and taking advantage of the situation, maybe you feel like to take a look at the best photos of the tremendous Neguesha Fanny, who got a tattoo to show your love of Italian striker . But first we leave a little preview for you to enjoy ... By the way, do not forget to follow us on behids.blogspot.com !
Fanny Neguesha get a tattoo in honor of Mario Balotelli. Source: everardoherrera.com

Balotelli's ex returns to the catwalk steadily

Raffaella Fico, Mario Balotelli's ex-girlfriend, has returned to the catwalk. A few months after giving birth to daughter Milan player, the Italian model and actress has shown a body to die because of the 'Beatiful Fashion Night', a fashion show held in Riccione.
Supermario's ex and demonstrate worthy of applause curves, paraded like a real fashion model, wearing different bikinis Agogoa brands and Pin Up Stars. "I am a mother, but that does not mean you have given up to sensuality, which is something we carry inside," he said.
Meanwhile, Balotelli remains unaware of his daughter Pia and it will not be known until the results of the relevant DNA testing. Rafaella spoke of their relationship and did not hesitate to recognize that Mario "was the love of my life, but I hurt a lot, humiliated me." He added he did not leave with him because he was a famous footballer. "IF it had been a bricklayer, also would have loved," he said.
We leave you with the photo gallery of the parade and we recommend you see the best images from Raffaella Fico clicking on this link . Enjoy! 
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Van der Vaart normalizes knew his romance with Boulahrouz

Van der Vaart normalizes knew his romance with Boulahrouz. Source: twitter
As I recall, the home life of Van der Vaart has overturned amazing in the last half year. It all started on New Year's Eve party, when an unfortunate incident caused the separation between Rafael van der Vaart and Sylvie van der Vaart (he hit her in front of the audience). A few days later, announced that Dutch model tried again with her husband, but things were not the same and decided to separate again.
Curious and surprisingly, both found a shoulder to mourn for this separation process. For one, the player of Hamburg sought solace in Wise Boulahrouz (the hitherto best friend Sylvie) , while the blonde did in Guillaume Zarka, a wealthy entrepreneur. Well, after making this brief recapitulation and after some turbulent few months, it appears that both Sylvie and Rafael van der Vaart found stability in their respective partners.
For one, the blonde has shown extraordinary radiant and in his later photographic work , while on the other, the Dutchman has already posted a couple of pictures with Sabia Boulahrouz on his Twitter account. In fact, a few hours ago has uploaded this photograph which I have attached at the head, in which the couple is very happy during the celebration of a meal in which Damian was also present, the child they have in common Rafael and Sylvie . Thus, it appears that both have remade their lives and who have settled with their new partners.
That said, we take to leave you with the latest and enthralling session that made ​​the tremendous Sylvie van der Vaart for signing Hunkemöller , which poses with bikinis amazing. Also, we recommend you to take a look at the following report which shows off her curves in underwear , as you can see in this little preview ... By the way, 
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Sylvie van der Vaart, for Hunkemöller

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