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Cristiano Ronaldo: a new image for web infidels?

Cristiano Ronaldo, for web image? Infidels? Source:
We said that the possible and of course I would have had affair with Cristiano Ronaldo Andressa Urach tremendous tail would bring. As you recall, this hot Brazilian model confessed to The Sun that he had sex with the Real Madrid player a few weeks ago at a luxury hotel on the sly. Soon after, the Portuguese winger denounced for wanting to increase their fame at his expense.
Meanwhile, Irina Shayk decided to turn a deaf ear to the accusation made by the lush Andressa Urach, so he decided to continue business as usual with Cristiano Ronaldo. In fact, until he confessed that he wanted to have children with him , thus downplaying rumors that pointed to an alleged infidelity by his girl. Well, when it seemed that the matter had passed into history, a website has again put the finger on it.
It turns out that, as pointed out several American media, the portal Portuguese had offered 200,000 euros to star in their new advertising campaign, it should be filming in Brazil and next to a native model. And, for those who do not know, this is a dating website for infidels worldwide. So the company has decided to seize on the possible infidelity of Cristiano Ronaldo to win followers ... Will you accept the Luso?
That said, you may feel like you have a look at the stunning worn Topless Irina Shayk this week at the Cannes Film Festival . Here you have a little preview for you to know what we talked about ... By the way, do not forget to follow us on 

Frank Lampard and his girlfriend will get married, but not this summer

Frank Lampard and Christine Bleakley will marry, but not this summer.
In the middle of last April, Frank Lampard and his girlfriend Christine Bleakley beautiful, decided to suspend their wedding, but not that they had no intention of separating (or much less). In fact, the media noted then that the marital bond was deferred until clarification as professional future Chelsea player yet, which terminated his contract with the English club this summer.
Well, it turns out that Frank Lampard himself has denied this version. In this regard, he pointed out that his future had nothing to do with his decision to postpone the wedding as planned at any time he and Christine Bleakley to marry this summer. "We never had plans for this summer wedding. We were looking for dates in which both could get married, but that has led to countless rumors ... "he pointed the England midfielder.
So, Frank Lampard has made it clear that the wedding is still on, but the date depends on the time in which both can agree. Course, has warned that there will be a ceremony "neither too luxurious nor massive". However, remember that the Chelsea player (who has renewed his contract for another year), and Christine, a famous British television presenter, a relationship since 2009.
That said, you may feel like you meet one of the WAG's most explosive of the Premier League. We refer to the spectacular Amii Grove, Chirs bride Herd Aston Villa footballer . Here you have a little preview to give you the idea of the monument that is ... By the way, do not forget to follow us on 
Amii Grove, the girlfriend of Chris Herd. Source:

Fanny Neguesha vueven Balotelli and be together!

Neither the mysterious brunette at San Siro accompanied his brother Enock, and Shayna Grace , the close friend of Fanny and only woman to follow on twitter. None of them, as had been speculated, is the new girlfriend of Mario Balotelli. Balotelli's new girlfriend and ... your ex, Fanny Neguesha!
In fact, the couple has reconciled. So say the means of 'Cuore' Italian and no evidence to testify. First, they were spotted this week in Brescia, holding hands, then both were photographed in the center of Milan, near the offices of Inter, and the gates to a jewelry store.
It appears that the couple has made peace and relive their 'love story' after a break that lasted less than a month. A break was attributed to the jealousy of the model and the lack of seriousness of the player. However, we have gone from one extreme to another. And already there is speculation that in addition to bring to Brazil to continue his participation in the Confederations Cup with the Italian national team, soon be made official their courtship and marriage vow. Although, with Balotelli, you can never take anything for granted ...
While we wait events, nothing better than seeing the photos of Fanny infartante Neguesha. Enjoy!
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Victory for Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is fashionable for his work as a designer. The German magazine 'Icon' devotes its front page March, playing in the holder with the meaning of her name, Victoria, to explain his absolute triumph in his role as a designer.
Became known as a singer, but, after its removal, bet big on the fashion world, and has now gained worldwide recognition as the magazine points. On the cover, Victoria appears with a very tight dress that highlights her thinness, and a figure that does not accuse her four pregnancies

Neymar has arrived by helicopter to attend the wedding of Goose

·         Helicopter has come wedding of his friend and former teammate at Santos

·         After the ceremony, will address the team hotel in Brasilia his team before the game Sunday with Flamengo

·         The striker has signed for the club is the sponsor and has come without his girlfriend Bruna Marquezine

The helicopter carried Neymar Ganso's wedding

Neymar has already reached Caraguatatuba (Sao Paulo), locality in which at nine pm, Spanish time, it is conducting the wedding of his close friend Goose, his former teammate at Santos and now in the ranks of Sao Paulo.
The young Brazilian striker, already signed for the club, has moved from Santos by helicopter after participating in training with his team, who has filmed with a mini-camera .

The crack 'Peixe' has served as master of ceremonies at the link Ganso, his friend since the two started together in the ranks of Saints, with Giovanna Nutrition student Costi.

Along with the mother of his son Lucca without his girlfriend
Neymar, Santos only player to receive   Muricy Ramalho technical permission to attend the ceremony, has made ​​godfather and has gone without his girlfriend Bruna Marquezine.
Yes is Carol Dantas, friend of the bride and mother of the son of the player himself, Davi Lucca, meanwhile sponsored by Goose.

Neymar and Carol, godmother of the wedding, and do not go together.
Once the casorio, Neymar will go to the Santos team hotel in Brasilia, where this Sunday will face Muricy Ramalho orders to Flamengo Mane Garrincha Stadium, in a match of the first round of the Brazilian league.
There are about 500 guests and the finale estraĆ” animated by all kinds of music.
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Leo Messi shows her seductive side as a model for Dolce & Gabbana
  • The crack Barca, who remains sidelined through injury, muscular body looks in the photo shoot for a prestigious Italian fashion label
Leo Messi, on one of the spectacular images of the documentary made for Dolce & Gabbana.
Leo Messi, on one of the spectacular images of the documentary made ​​for Dolce & Gabbana. / PHOTO: DOLCE & GABBANA

Leo Messi, convened by Alejandro Sabell to for parties premundialistas of Argentina to Colombia and Ecuador Falcao next June, has shown its most alluring in a report made ​​to Dolce & Gabbana.
Always faithful to the Italian label, Leo, which for now remains sidelined with a hamstring elongation poses with various Sicilian designer's creations, including undergarments.
The images, taken in black and white, show the crack and the Albiceleste Barca sporting a muscular body and stunning perched.
Messi had recently showcased his talents as a model for the U.S. high shoe seal Stork Man .
Leo not only shines on the grass, as a parent and as acts of solidarity held Monday in Qatar but also in front of the camera, and has again been demonstrated.
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