Friday, 24 May 2013

Boxer processes fri shop gel that has hurt the penis

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Waylon Lowe requires compensation of 50,000 euros, claiming he suffered injuries to his sexual organ after using a gel from the shop.
Boxer American Waylon Lowe sued the network of shops fri "The Mood", the U.S., and requires a compensation of 39,000 euros for allegedly suffered injuries in the penis after using a gel acquired in their stores. The charge is negligence and liability, given the failure to provide adequate instructions to warn consumers of possible risks.

In its claim, Lowe says he suffered "catastrophic and permanent damage, including scarring of the penis, loss of sensitivity and function, tissue damage, and nerves, humiliation, embarrassment, psychological problems and loss of wages and the pleasures of life."

The lawyer Boxer, Thomas Kline, went even further in its consideration:

"This is a very particular loss, but significant enough for a man. Lowe is a person who literally spend their lives to avoid injury and know how to protect themselves. Nevertheless, he was not provided the most basic and simple instruction to protect the product. If this happened to him can happen to anyone. "

Marla Lee, president of the company that sells the gel, the Kama Sutra Co, considers the amazing reivindaƧƵes Boxer, stating:
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Final in Germany hold iron grip

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