Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The provocation of the Dortmund Bayern

In 1999 a goal of Solskjaer defeated Bayern Munich in the Champions League final discounts. The sweater is now in the museum of Borussia Dortmund.
The atmosphere warms to the final of the Champions League on 25 May, which oppose the field the two biggest giants of German football: Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund.

Pure provocation, so you can understand. The sweater Solskjaer goalscorer for Manchester United in 1999 defeated Bayern Munich in the Champions League final in added time, has been exposed in the museum of Borussia Dortmund ...
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Ferguson gum for sale

Or rather supposed gum Alex Ferguson is on sale at e-Bay site and started with a base bid of 32 euros. Outdated.
The fan ensures that it is a gum used by Alex Ferguson in the final game as manager of Manchester United and so put it for sale on e-Bay site.

The base bid of 32 euros and has since been surpassed last offer was 764 euros!
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Invasion of WAG's in celebration Barca

Invasion of WAG's in celebration Barca. Source: mundodeportivo.com
The annual dream could not be Champions. However, the club had tied for the league title months and finally managed to award the contract last week after the draw for Real Madrid in Cornella-El Prat. Precisely, the Barca players and some of their girlfriends gathered last Thursday at a packed dinner to celebrate the coveted league title .
Well, after dinner and the relevant aforementioned parade through the streets of the city of Barcelona, ​​Barça had to celebrate the completion of the tournament against their fans on home soil, the Camp Nou. And after the match against Valladolid, which ended with a score of 2-1, Tito Vilanova men were responsible for providing the glass to the thousands of fans who traveled to the stadium.
Also, in addition to touring around the field with metal arms, Barca players danced around it in the typical celebration huddle. Soon after, it was time to set off fireworks to top off the celebration, an act in which the players were accompanied by their girlfriends, who invaded the pitch after the game. Here are the pictures.
That said, you may feel like you know a little more depth to Antonella Roccuzzo, the dramatic, sensual and sexy girlfriend of Leo Messi . But before we leave some of your best shots, so you can see the aim to have the Argentine off the pitch to choose bride ... 
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Antonella Roccuzzo, girlfriend of Messi