Sunday, 19 May 2013

Boateng, at the foot of Melissa

The courtship between Melissa Satta (times click to see his latest and explosive shoot) and Kevin Prince Boateng is still going strong despite speculation that indicate that the model may not follow the footballer to another country if you leave Milan at the end of this season . This was demonstrated by the player himself to hang a romantic message on twitter aimed at the gorgeous Italian model.
"I love this woman by my side," he wrote as a caption of a photo of both. The picture was earlier this week, when both attended a ceremony in which Boateng was awarded. It was the San Siro Gentleman gala, which was awarded the special prize 'Gentleman' racism. An award merecídismo since Milan footballer is one of the biggest fight against this scourge that calcium is sprouting in recent weeks.

Balotelli debuts on Twitter following a memorial

Shayna Grace, the new friend of Mario Balotelli? Source: twitter
As you know too well, Mario Balotelli is one of the most controversial players in the world. In fact, often is news because it makes all kinds of crazy things with some regularity. Maybe that's why we had never missed social networks, as owners gave us quite often. However, the Milan striker finally just enter on Twitter, allowing us to keep a little closer to him and his crazy ideas.
However, the Italian striker has already begun to make use of this platform. and also to have interacted with other major world football cracks such as Ronaldinho or Neymar has also begun to hang some pictures, which you can see next to your dog and with some of his teammates.
The curios thing is that, beyond adding over 400,000 followers in just over two days, Mario Balotelli has decided to go only to a girl in her early user of Twitter. Her name is Shayna Grace, a beauty of which we know nothing today. Just do what you can do is show you some of their pictures ... Will the successor to the tremendous Fanny Neguesha? Do not know, only time will tell. Anyway, what is certain is that with Balotelli on Twitter we'll have a very, very good ...
That said, you may feel like you see the best pictures of the tremendous Fanny Neguesha , the last woman who managed to win the heart of the player, but only for a couple of months. We leave a little preview for you to remember his great attributes. By the way, do not forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter !
Fanny Neguesha get a tattoo in honor of Mario Balotelli. Source:

Leo Messi, high shoe model before traveling to Qatar

  • Before traveling to Qatar on Monday for various promotional events, shines like signing a high shoe brand

  • Leo had already posed for the prestigious label Stork Man and reappears very loose and professional on camera

Leo Messi has posed for the prestigious shoe brand Stork Man

Messi, very loose as shoe model.
Leo Messi is back to pose as luxury model Stork Man, this time for the autumn-winter collection 2013 for the prestigious American footwear brand.
As seen in the promotional images released by the American label itself through its official website , Leo is also a '10 'in front of the camera for their professionalism, combined with the naturalness trademark four-time winner of the Ballon Gold
If as a player is unparalleled, Messi also aims high as 'top model', or designer apparel or 'casual' or high shoe as Stork Man, who had counted on him to launch his proposals for spring and summer of this year.
Remember that Leo will travel to Doha on Monday for a series of promotional events with Ooredoo Qatari telecoms operator, which in turn contributes to various charitable projects with Barca crack Foundation .
The event has raised more passion in the Persian Golf is Messi master class taught by a group of children contest winners.

Puyol and Vanessa Lorenzo and live together

Vanessa Lorenzo and Carles Puyol and live together. Source:
Slowly and without making too much noise, Carles Puyol and Vanessa Lorenzo added and four months of dating . They ran the first late January suspicions about their romance, something that was confirmed a few weeks later to fly the model with all the expedition Barca to Milan (where the club would play a Champions League).
Well, it turns out the latest information regarding the last couple suggest Barca have already started living together in the attic that has the player in Barcelona. So say some major media such as magazine Hello! in its print edition.
Thus, it appears that the relationship between Vanessa Lorenzo and the veteran Carles Puyol is going well, as even the two have met each other's families and. Moreover, as the model said a few days ago, is "going through a beautiful and very nice staff" from one with the fullback hurdle. In fact, even said he would marry in the near future , and we sense that he meant to do with that of La Pobla de Segur ...
That said, it is likely that you feel like seeing some of the best pictures of the tremendous and sexy Vanessa Lorenzo , the new girlfriend of Carles Puyol. However, before you leave a little preview for what the potential successor to Malena Costa ... 
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