Saturday, 18 May 2013

Alfredo di Stefano, facing their children in court

Alfredo Di Stefano, facing their children in court.
As you recall, Alfredo di Stéfano recently announced that, at age 86, had in mind to marry his secretary and personal assistant , known as Gina Gonzalez. Undoubtedly, the news surprised the sons of former Argentine footballer because the bride is 50 years younger than him. And that is why, to safeguard their assets and avoid the marital bond, its five descendants applied for disability .
Well, the drama experienced yesterday a new episode. It turns out that Alfredo di Stefano had to go to court for custody and incapacitation to testify at the hearing that aims to examine the health of La Saeta Rubia. So arguably the Honorary President of Real Madrid saw their faces with their children in court, also attended scenario that the said Gina Gonzalez, denying his presence ensured that the information that had fled the country.
However, after examining Alfredo di Stefano and after hearing their statements, now is the judge who will be deciding whether disabled or not. For its part, the sons of former footballer declared in a statement to Reuters that "we reserve our opinion regarding mobile behaviors and such person who has never dealt with the care of our father."
Thus, the atmosphere is very heated in the family Di Stefano, especially after it became known that the family of La Saeta Rubia last year hired a detective to follow in the footsteps of Gina Gonzalez, who had returned from a holiday in Costa Rica with a few "tweaks" ... I do not know what the judge will take determination, but the fact is that, whatever, this story will have a happy ending.