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Arbeloa and Carlota Ruiz, parents for the second time

Alvaro Arbeloa and Carlota Ruiz, parents of a child. Source:
With the arrival of the daughter of Cesc Fabregas , the club completed a Baby Boom of the most curious and encouraging at the same time as the children born of some cracks as Messi, Piqué, Villa and even Peter, who in a few years could have a major role in the Catalan club. Well, it turns out that this process has now introduced at the Santiago Bernabeu.
And is that Alvaro Arbeloa became a father yesterday for the second time. His wife, the beautiful Carlota Ruiz, with whom he has been married since 2009, gave birth to little Raul a day before the final of the Copa del Rey to Real Madrid played against Atletico Madrid. In fact it was the very Carlota who announced the arrival of their second child via Twitter. "Many thanks for your messages! We already have Raul with us and it is beautiful! "Announced the woman's white defender.
However, remember that the couple already has a child, the little Alba, late April that precisely met their three springs . Thus, gradually grows new generation of Real Madrid, since after the premature birth of daughter Angel di Maria, also Xabi Alonso and Raul Albiol last week confirmed the pregnancy of their wives.
That said, it is likely that interest you to know that the bride of Sergio Ramos, the spectacular and stunning Pilar Rubio, has just been chosen as the favorite to commit an infidelity by netizens page . And after have left you the link, we give you a sneak preview in the form of photograph to remember the explosive potential presenter ... 
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Pilar Rubio, preferred to commit infidelity.

THE CHARACTER Balotelli: "In Italy I am happy / Vd I love women and car like everyone ... "

Balotelli: "In Italy, I'm happy. Interested in: women and self: I'm a regular guy"

Milan, May 17, 2013

Mario confesses to CNN: "Here I have friends and family in England were incorrect with me, I'm glad to be gone. Sometimes I dream of being alone, but I understand that if you're famous you have to do photos and autographs"

The problem of racial slurs there. But this does not mean that Balotelli has changed his mind on his return to Italy. In an interview with CNN, Mario talked about the choice to return, and his period in England, which does not seem to have too many regrets. And above all, how close is the image of the bad boy who now has stuck.
Official TV
Balotelli and England - "Now I'm really happy. I feel at home and I'm back in the league where I started. I close my family and my friends, I can relax." Balotelli also weighs the pressure around him. Not that here in Italy does not make headlines, but in England things were different: "Can I have my privacy, much more than in England, where I was alone." When asked about a report on its experience of media while he was at the City ("Do you think you have been treated unfairly in England?") Mario answers without doubt: "Yes, but I'm not here to say if I was treated correctly or not. I interested. I came out of England, I'm glad to have come out of England.'s all. "
Mario Balotelli, 22 anni, 11 gol in campionato. LaPresse
Mario Balotelli, 22, 11 goals in the league. LaPresse
Balotelli and the dream - It's a Mario Balotelli, however, different from the Gascon you imagine, almost melancholy: "Of all the things they wrote about me in England in the past, only a few were true. The rest is just imagination of journalists. But when you create an icon of a person in that way, then everyone thinks you're really so and that maybe you're lying. Simply you believe it's all true what you write. Maybe that's why they believe I am crazy and do crazy things? Sometimes I dream of being alone, and that no one talk to me. But I understand that football is really important and is watched by all. If you're famous you have to get the pictures, you do autographs, especially for children. "
"I'M A NORMAL GUY" - Taking stock of his life so far, Balotelli looks almost coldly. "I like women, I think it is normal. Then the machines, I like fast cars, I do not see what the problem is with that. Certain things have happened in my life, unfortunately sometimes there are things that happen, and ended directly in the newspapers. But I do not see anything in particular that can make people think that I'm either crazy or bad.'m a normal guy. "
I'M NOT SO - It looks just like a caged SuperMario in an image that just does not hold: "Obviously I'm the best in the world, you would find always someone who does not like you. Depends. Thing that matters to me is that people who know me really know how they are really done. Whoever does not know me, read the newspapers and watch TV. And television is made to give a lot of opinions ... So I can not show the true Mario at all. " How would you describe yourself? "Normal." It bursts out laughing.

Mario Götze & Ann Kathrin Vida: You Can Stand Under My Umbrella

20-year-old Borussia Dortmund midfielder Mario Götze, who will join Bayern Munich next season, was caught leaving the hotel Four Seasons in Munich with 23-year-old model girlfriend Ann Kathrin Vida, born Brömmel, in a rainy Monday afternoon.

First, the careless footballer forgot to bring an umbrella, then he almost left his missus in hotel! Will the German star remember which team does he play for on May 4?