Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Child ends with discussion between coach and referee

It will certainly be one of the images of the year. A Spanish boy of five years waged a discussion between the manager and the referee ...
Alejandro Rodríguez, a Spanish boy of five years, was the protagonist of one of the images of the year. The photograph may not even be the most artistic, but there will be so many educational and moving as carried by the small player Unión Viera, a team of the Canaries.

It happened last Saturday, a game in which the child was involved. During a heated argument between one of its coaches and the referee, was the little boy who calmed the situation. "Stop, stop, stop," cried the little while that intruded between the two.

"I'm proud of what my son did," commented later on the radio UDRADIO, the father of the little player, Javier Rodriguez, who also says that the environment was "hot" among fans and, after a collision between two players, the coach looked at the referee to protest the decision.

It was then that the little Alejandro Rodríguez decided to intervene and stood between the two, causing huge applause among fans of both teams who were to attend the meeting.

Anderson, how Australian triathlete?

The Australian surfer and triathlete Candice Falzon has not confirmed or denied the rumors that started a love affair with Anderson, the player of Manchester United, but the English media take it for granted. The Ironwoman (participant Triathlon Series organized by the WCT) sparked speculation to go to Old Trafford to witness two of the last matches of United.
Falzon, 27, hung his picture on twitter with the caption: "At Old Trafford, watching the Manchester United v Chelsea. WOW ". The second time was last Sunday when he said he was going to witness the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson.
We leave you with some of the photos of the alleged girlfriend of Anderson.
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