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Shakira: "I hope to continue liking Pique"

Shakira: "I hope to continue liking Pique". Source: mundodeportivo.com
The beautiful and spectacular Shakira visited a few days ago the American television program The Ellen DeGeneres Show and he returned to open up about his private life. And if a little over a month claimed that Gerard Pique was a good father , this time the Colombian has confessed that he feared to lose after childbirth, as she felt unattractive after giving birth to tiny Milan .
In that sense, the singer revealed that "it is frightening the first time you look in the mirror after delivery. It looked like a Shar Pei (one breed of dog). I remember at that moment I thought: 'My God! Will I ever be sexy? Does my boyfriend still finding me sexy just before you were pregnant? '".
In turn, Shakira returned to rave about her boyfriend because Piqué said "is very handsome. And I hope you continue to feel attracted to me because it really is very important to me. " Anyway, the Colombian concerns seem somewhat unfounded, as the photographs published by Univision last glimpse that the player is still very happy with the singer, who seems to have gradually recovered her figure ...
That said, it is likely that you want to see what Loving Shakira and Gerard Piqué showed a couple of weeks ago during the match between Barça Regal and Panathinaikos in Euroleague game. Here you have a picture as a preview ... And finally, do not forget to follow us on behids.blogspot.com !
Shakira and Pique, very loving. Source: hola.com

Pique and Puyol are finalizing the details of his exclusive apartment Ibiza

Pique and Puyol are finalizing the details of his exclusive apartment Ibiza
Life Building Image Marina Ibiza (pic by Thiago bts)
he wealthy residents of Life Marina Ibiza , starting next June. An ambitious project that entrepreneurs have trusted from Spanish and Russian tycoons, to actors and film directors, and several of the Spanish players. The exclusive development is finalizing the details of the decoration of some of its apartments and, as has been confirmed Vanitatis, this Monday I was the turn of homes acquired by Carles Puyol and Gerard Pique and Shakira.
The captain of FC Barcelona, ​​Puyol, is part of that whole fortunes do not want to miss the opportunity to invest in one of the 300 homes that houses the quoted project like this website and published in 2010 . footballer decided by get one of the attics of colorful building known as 'Ibiza Boas' worth over three million euros. This is the richest area of the development, which includes homes that are being completed now. Meanwhile, other colleagues or former colleagues like David Villa or Kiko Narvaez already have the keys to your house in the poor neighborhood of the complex, called the 'white patio'. It is a building of seven floors which has a more modest foreign and can be enjoyed from a starting price of 500,000 euros.
Meanwhile, Gerard Pique and Shakira chose to spend more on their holidays in the beautiful Balearic Island boasting two of the penthouses on the right side of the main building. These flats were initial structural modification to unify them in a broader and clear, according to Vanitatis sources confirm this urban project. Given that the houses range from 80 to 300 square meters and the minimum price per apartment is above one million euros, the amount that would have paid the couple for their nest holiday exceeds that of any of his colleagues vip football guild. They are not the only ones who decided to buy several houses, as there are tenants who acquired even three of these quoted floors then pull and merge partitions in most cases.

Luxury inside and out

The interiors of the attics of Puyol and Pique have been completely furnished and decorated to last for the day on Monday. Its design has been commissioned to Josep Ribas, visible face of the team and Ribas Ribas , who works closely with the famous architect Jean Nouvel, undisputed father of this ambitious project. The objective to be followed by these professionals was melted to perfection "the new with the traditional, private with the public. Always being very respectful of the imposing image of Dalt Vila constantly overlooks the boardwalk ", in the words of Ribas.
The facade, which gives stunning splashes of color to the landscape Ibiza, is design French botanist Patrick Blank, known for its vertical gardens. This time with this art decorates the seven plants with about 1 000 species of flowers of different hue for each of the floors, from the ground floor of red, to blue tone attic, through purple, orange, green , pink and yellow.

A unparalleled performance

The high price reaching these houses, whose orientation allows to see the neighboring island of Formentera and Ibiza marina, is also justified by the enormous benefits including residential complex. The lucky tenants, celebrities and businessmen the most part, live during the summer months in a community where you have come to the smallest detail so that it is not necessary to go outside.
A community pool that emulates a natural beach, another for children of the house, a spa and a fully equipped gym are some of the charms that have captivated large fortunes of Spain, which will form one of the neighboring communities more vip per square meter, comparable only to the Madrid neighborhood of La Finca. But there is more: a service area for guests and a private club for residents, a team of security guards available permanently resident ensure privacy of the tenants, underground parking with direct access to the complete luxury homes available in Life Marina Ibiza .

Abramovich and other rich

Not only will athletes in this exclusive development. Although, I must say, between twenty and thirty of the three hundred homes have been purchased by players. A funny way of sharing holiday investing in one of the most chic areas of the island. Moreover, among both athletes, entrepreneurs also live as a son of Jesus Gil, one of the offshoots of Fernando Fernandez Tapias or daughter of the owner of Chupa Chups. They have also invested in building the Russian tycoon Roman Abramovich or the owners of the most famous clubs on the island, Pacha and Amnesia. Pockets worthy of a place on one of the most spectacular resorts in Ibiza, favorite destination for those who seek luxury on their days off.

Raul Albiol and Alicia Riog expecting their third child

Raúl Albiol y Alicia Roig esperan su tercer hijo 
A couple of weeks ago, was Angel di Maria who became father of a premature after Jorgelina Cardoso gave birth to a child of six months. Last week, it emerged that Nagore Aramburu and Xabi Alonso are expecting their third child. And this past weekend has been known to also Raul Albiol will be father for the third time.
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