Friday, 10 May 2013

Fernando Alonso has with the paparazzi

Fernando Alonso and the paparazzi with which he has faced. Source:
  Dasha Kapustina, the girlfriend of Fernando Alonso
A few days before landing in Barcelona to play the Spain Grand Prix Formula 1, Fernando Alonso decided to enjoy a few days of rest and relaxation in Asturias with his sexy girlfriend, Dasha Kapustina tremendous. However, it seems that the Ferrari driver has not become too relaxed, but rather the opposite.
And, as reported big media, Alonso took yesterday a strong brawl with a paparazzo named George Martin, who had insulted and pushed to photograph him stop. In fact, the photographer himself hours later announced via Twitter that he had reported to the Spaniard: "Already reported. You are a disgrace of person! To prepare an excuse tomorrow when they call to declare for having broken the camera when you push me, "wrote the alleged victim.
On the other hand, however, there are those who defend the innocence of Fernando Alonso. In that sense, the editor of the Journal section Motor AS, Raul Romo, said that "with regard to the incident of @ alo_oficial with a photographer, I have first hand that it's all a ploy orchestrated provocation." Moreover, in Brand ensures that even the photographer himself, who in his day and had a collision with Telma Ortiz, went into the hotel and went to his room to catch him with the sexy Dasha Kapustina, who will accompanies this Grand Prix. It appears therefore that Fernando Alonso begins with a very good start this weekend so important for the championship ...
That said, you might like to know the tremendous Dasha Kapustina, the spectacular wedding of Fernando Alonso with the soon to be a year of relationship.
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Sharapova, hunted with her boyfriend in the streets of Madrid

Maria Sharapova and Grigor Dimitrov, through the streets of Madrid. Source:
The tremendous Maria Sharapova back in the news just a couple of days after having posed in a very sexy for Esquire magazine, which is carried in its issue of May. And the Russian tennis player has been hunted very caramelized with her new boyfriend in the streets of Madrid, where both are currently disputing the Mutua Madrid Open.
So, as if it were two young either, the sexy Maria Sharapova and her boyfriend, fellow tennis player Grigor Dimitrov, have been walking and showing their love for the capital without qualms. Moreover, no one who claims that he saw the couple tying the occasional passionate kiss. Thus, the Russian and Bulgarian, which would have started dating in January after Sharapova broke with NBA player Sasha Vujacic, were very loving and affectionate.
The odd thing is that the current number two WTA rankings not only gives love to her boyfriend, but also good tips for success within the tracks. And that Dimitrov, who knocked in the second phase of the tournament to Novak Djokovic (world number one), said after the meeting that he had won the game thanks to his girlfriend, as inspired by "a few words I will remember the rest of my life. " Maybe were rather cuddle than not words, but we'll never know.

You can not have sex with her coach

Meanwhile, Maria Sharapova is also news that the clause has been signing new coach Dieter Kindlmann. It turns out that in the contract that both have agreed, there is a clause that prohibits sex with the 26 year old while working together. "I have no love at work", said former professional tennis player 30 years the German newspaper Bild. Undoubtedly, it is a most peculiar condition ...
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Confirmed: Nagore Aramburu and Xabi Alonso will be parents for the third time

Nagore Aramburu, pregnant with her third child. Source:
A couple of days since I convey our suspicions that Nagore Aramburu could be pregnant again because of the image and attitude that Basque had shown during the presentation of the new collection of jewelry Links of London, brand is ambassador.
It is apparent that our forebodings were successful, since the magazine Hello! Confirmed on its website that Xabi Alonso and his stunning wife are expecting their third child. The model, which is already two months and a half, said that no matter the sex of the baby, since you already have "the couple" (Ane and Jontxu).
Thus, the sultry Nagore Aramburu and her husband's family increase Real Madrid, something that made ​​Angel di Maria and his girlfriend Jorgelina Cardoso late last month ( were parents of a premature baby girl ). That said, now to be seen whether the new offshoot of the child and whether midfielder is just following in the footsteps of his father ...
However, it may interest you to know a little more depth to Xabi Alonso. Here you have a link for you to know more about him.
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Cristiano Ronaldo Jr Doesn't Want Irina Shayk As Stepmom

On Saturday 4, Cristiano Ronaldo jr watched his daddy scoring two goals against Valladolid from the stands alongside his grandma, his aunt, cousin and Russian CR7's girlfriend.

The two and a half year old boy was seen laughing and joking during the match but he bursted out crying as Irina Shayk grabbed his arm and sat him on her knees. The tenacious little boy did not give up so easily. He kept crying and kicking until he is back on granny Dolores'arms.

Irina can't keep her boyfriend at bay. And neither his son!

Will the beautiful Melissa Boateng the beast?

That is the big question they begin to take del cuore Italian media. And in the Alpine country is almost taken for granted that leave Kevin Prince Boateng Milan. It is not necessary for Allegri and also tired of the chants and racist abuse received in many games from rival fans.
Ensure that the midfielder wants to leave Italy bound for the Premier. And so it is speculated that if Melissa will follow up there. They say that the beautiful model would be willing to change Milan for London (Tottenham is one of the suitors) but not by Manchester ...
In any case it seems very rushed release that the relationship is in danger, when Melissa and Kevin have proven to be one of the couples more firmly united the football. She now wears an engagement ring and both have proclaimed their desire to have children together in the future. They live for a while and nothing implies that they can be separated even if they must live in different cities. We'll see what happens, but the emerging rumors and news published in the Italian gossip seem unfounded.
While waiting acontencimientos we leave you with the last work for the magazine Melissa Chi, which appears beautiful as ever.