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The life of Leo Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo, how the big screen? by Copper Lebarante

La vida de Leo Messi y Antonella Roccuzzo, ¿en la gran pantalla? 
Undoubtedly, Leo Messi is the best player in the world and probably the best player of all time. But it seems that not only be remembered as a superstar in the field of play, but also as a legend in movie screens. And the magazine Variety has confirmed that studies Epic Pictures bought the rights to an unauthorized biography to make a film of the story of triumph and overcoming the Argentine star and his girlfriend, the sexy Antonella Roccuzzo.
Moreover, this publication has even predicted the possible title with the film in theaters would, that would be: Messi: the story of the boy who became a legend (adaptation of the play written by Italian journalist Luca Caioli). On the other hand, the magazine stresses that this company intends to start shooting imminently, as the aim is to release the film before the World Cup Brazil 2014.
In this regard, the directors consider that the time is right for young people not only learn a little further figure of the Flea, but also the values ​​of which usually demonstrates when cut dresses. Also, it seems that the figure of Antonella Roccuzzo is also very present in this new film work, since in real life has been an indispensable and necessary person in your life. In fact, it is the mother of his successor ...

The family opposes Messi

Anyway, it seems that Messi family has not sat well with the news, as it has issued a statement that reads: "In relation to the story that appeared on the interest of a producer to make a movie based on Caioli Luca's book, the famlia Messi wants to express his great surprise and disagreement. First because it is an unofficial biography, and second, because there are excerpts from the book that are not true. "
On the other hand, the statement also notes that "likewise, no producer has been in contact with the family to ask permission. Finally, take the opportunity to say that by the Messi family no interest in making a film on the life of Leo Messi ". So to be seen if the family takes legal action to prevent the shooting of the film, but for now the only certainty is that the production company Epic Pictures not have it easy ...
That said, it is likely that you are interested to know a little more about the sexy and gorgeous Antonella Roccuzzo, the woman who has changed the lives of the Argentine star. Here's the link for you to know a little more of your life and for you to see some of your best shots. By the way, do not forget to subscribe to us for more news !
Antonella Roccuzzo, girlfriend of Messi
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