Monday, 16 December 2013

Yolanthe conquest Turkey

Sneijder's wife has convinced even the most skeptical fans.

Yolanthe conquest Turkey - The wife of Sneijder has convinced even the most skeptical fans.
Wes eliminates Juve from the Champions League, and Yolanthe Cabau conquest Turkey. Gone are the days of sexy videos that had shocked the fans of Galatasaray in Istanbul at the beginning of the adventure of the former Inter Sneijder.
For some time the relations between the supporters of the Charity and the wife of national oranje had improved, the final push came with the exultation of Yolanthe goal of her husband to Juventus: "Proud of my Wes," the actress tweeted happy, Sneijder also posting a picture of a lion (symbol of the club turkish) on his shoulders.
Cabau always had kind words towards Turkey: "I have set, I am very well in Istanbul." Peace made

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