Monday, 9 December 2013

Vanesa the temptation to Maxi

The saga of breaking Maxi Lopez and Wanda Nara continues for long. Now a full day of love with Mauro Icardi model, the Maxi examigo former teammate and now are discovered her 'sins' to also former player of Barça.
And Argentina is a known star, Vanessa Carbone, just confessed to the press in his country, while still boyfriend of Wanda, Maxi ligársela tried. She says she did not, but revealed the story of the approach of the player, who did not leave in a good place and that 'sotto voce' is being more or less accused of being a 'serial cheating'.
"Maxi Lopez said that Wanda has no codes, but he also had them with Wanda," said Vanessa. And to prove it added: "While dating her, I interviewed on MTV and asked for the phone to my producer. Wanda and I knew I did not want problems, so never attended. I know looking for someone to be outside, "said the star weekly magazine.
It is seen, therefore, that Vanessa was a temptation for Maxi. We leave you with the gallery vedette that since this was released in 2006 has gone under the knife several times as comprobaréis ...

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