Saturday, 7 December 2013

The beauty is the star of the draw

,When Fernanda Blatter also risks a glance

Charming, handsome and sexy. Fernanda Lima took my breath at the World Cup draw for the Football World. The presenter was the secret star of the evening.

Stunning: Ms Lima certainly brought a bit of glamour to the event alongside Fifa President Sepp Blatter
As many as 10 people per second tweeted about Ms Lima during the drawUntil last night Fernanda Lima (36) in this country unknown. With her performance at the gala for the World Cup draw that has changed abruptly. Sovereign led the Brazilian model through the show, degraded her co-commentator and partner Rodrigo Hilbert easily put the extras.
No wonder! When enchanting golden dress everyone the spit stays away. Even Sepp Blatter appears to take a look at the lush Cleavage at the greeting. Or?
Lima helped perform the draw with FIFA secretary Jerome ValckeDistraction: Ms Lima began trending on Twitter almost as soon as she took the stage in Brazil
Either way, Lima will be remembered. The mother of two boasts not only the exterior but also with their charm amidst the otherwise rather wooden Fifa executives.
Wonderful how she reacts times bored with the drawing of the team. Then smiles again or totally indifferent three looks.
Lima in Brazil is already a big star. For 20 years they remodeled, then show host for MTV and managed to "Rede Globo", one of the most famous TV channel in Brazil.
So the name Lima made even before the draw for vertebrae.Apparently, the dark-skinned actor Camila Pitanga and Lazaro Ramos would have been provided first. Then fueled a racist discussion. (Sme)
Stealing the show: Brazilian actress Fernanda Lima caused quite a stir on Twitter when she took to the stageHost Fernanda Lima was a popular presence on stage
The presenter Fernanda Lima on the final draw of the Cup Photo: NELSON ALMEIDA / AFP
If it were a game, the action of Fernanda Lima would score 10. Began somewhat tense, is true, but, over time, managed to break free and show sympathy with her husband, Rodrigo Hilbert to. At 36, a girl appeared in international television network. At the time of the cookie, joked with the captain of penta ("Stir well Cafu"), and the General Secretary of FIFA, Jerome Valcke ("For God's sake"). In the current index measuring popularity, Twitter has exploded and took Fernanda Lima for trend topics, beyond the boundaries of football.

Everything in hand: Fernanda Lima (left) helps FIFA general secretary Jerome Valcke (right) with the draw

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