Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Di Stéfano's girlfriend disappears map

Di Stéfano's girlfriend is missing according to the ABC newspaper, calling his mysterious disappearance. Starting in June warned the Honorary President of Real Madrid to go for it or leave Spain, Gina Gonzalez has disappeared from the map.
"Alfredo is the one to get me. You have to make a move. I alone can not fight for this, "Gina told.Soon after, the earth swallowed Costa Rica.
Everything happened seven months after Alfredo Di Stefano (87 years) announced their intention to marry Gina Gonzalez (36), in an interview with the newspaper El Mundo.
That statement was the fuse of war between bride 'blond bolt' and their children, who disagreed with her intentions.
The case went to court and since then, the children of Di Stéfano he took over as Gina described as "kidnapping."
Now, explains 'ABC', nor his former attorney, Victoria Ortuño, nor the current lawyer, Marcos García Montes, know nothing Bride Di Stéfano. "I try to locate by other means because your phone is not working," said the latter.

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