Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Wanda Nara confesses: 'I would not think of Mauro. I do not want to give anyone back my heart and break me '

Wanda Nara
Wanda Nara
Wanda Nara Marina Calabro spoke via cell phone messages, in which he referred to therelationship with Mauro Icardi, after Inter player visit Argentina.
"If I could speak, no one can imagine that I passed, only family and friends know it.'m Choking, anguished, yet I have to be strong enough because he is not the father of my children, even to give them a ride" said Wanda distressed.
"I spend all day with my children including the night they say you spend with him, to talk to Maxi by little camera that night because the kids wanted to see."
After the image was known tattoo l held Icardi, with the name "Wanda" the model said: I swear I do and did everything since she found out that I left. Maxi let me go despite many things that made me serious, more serious than I knew quizás.Siempre infidelity retain. In short, we live in a sexist amount. So I would not think of Mauro ".
"Because it is now, I need distance. Then the fear of failure is to fail again, returning to suffer. Anyone not want to give back my heart and break me.'s Bad pass," he said.

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