Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Irina: "Cristiano knows how to make me happy"

Irina Shayk is not customary to talk about his private life when he grants an interview. Usually shows discrete and elusive when asked about his relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo, but this time it has made an exception for Vogue magazine, whose latest cover occupies the Russian model.
"I'm enjoying my relationship. It is the perfect support, always by my side and know how to make me happy. I understand perfectly well understands my work, something very important to me. I love my profession and traveling, so I need my partner to understand what I'm doing and give me energy to it, "said first opening the doors of their innermost feelings.
Irina recalled that Christian met through a mutual friend and since then their relationship has been very strong despite the constant rumors of infidelity crisis and have them surrounded. "Sometimes I can be a challenging and Christian person makes true displays of patience to deal with my character, so I also do my best to offer my support when needed," he explains.
Despite the time that you have been together, no wedding plans or maternity. "Like any woman, I also want to have children, a family and many animals. But are things you can not plan, must stem the right time and you never know when it will be for you, "he said.

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