Wednesday, 9 October 2013

"If Daniel does not want to see my son is perfect, but I assume and take charge"

Nina - Daniel Osvaldo - Jimena BarĂ³n
Nina - Daniel Osvaldo - Jimena Baron
Nina, the former Daniel Osvaldo, continues its media claim to get the player to "take care of his son." In addition, state insists on not seeking money but fight for the baby "to have a father figure."
In "AM", she referred to the current boyfriend of Jimena Baron and accused him of being irresponsible and noted their lack of commitment to the care of his son Gianluca. "He promised he would call the baby three times a week on fixed times. He managed well because I could not just sit by the phone until he called, however, did not comply. Two weeks I was waiting for the call that never was ".
"I would love for my son tomorrow, can have a relationship with his father. I did what I could, so I got angry that Daniel told you I'm the one who does not want to see".
"The mistakes and successes will always rest on me because I'm alone. My baby knows he has me, I need to be with him as a mother and not neglect it. Means help me but for me it is not easy to tell my life on television. I did because I had no choice. "

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