Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Melissa Giraldo, another muse of the Colombian

Melissa Giraldo, another muse of the Colombian national team. Source: wallpapergate.com

A little over a week we introduced you to the tremendous Elianis Garrido as muse stunning Colombian football selection. It is apparent that the combined tricolor has another lush swells from which also we speak. Her name is Melissa Giraldo and swells baptize as the second sexiest Colombian national team, although it may take up to first position after show you the best images of such a monument.
Even so, first of all it is important to know a little more about the explosive Melissa Giraldo. This is one of the most famous models and recognized the South American country, especially in the hot photo shoots often starring in the most prestigious journals of the country, such as for SoHo, among others. Likewise, we must also note that this beauty serves as TV presenter and as a designer.
However, the sexy Melissa Giraldo is barely 24 springs in today, so it still has a long career ahead. And even as a staunch supporter of the Colombian national team football, as it will probably be admired and followed by millions of fans who follow the team led by José Pekerman.
Who knows, maybe even becomes the new Larissa Riquelme, because its pull between the fans is just remarkable. In fact, at one time or another has generated more interest to readers of newspapers that even the very history of the games of the tricolor ... And alargarnos no more, here's a compilation of his best pictures.

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