Thursday, 26 September 2013

Goalkeeping coach Barça cheek caressing Messi's girlfriend

In Barcelona video is all very familiar to it, at least judging by the scene in the video above just before Barcelona vs. Real Sociedad. Jose Ramon de la Fuente, the goalkeeping coach of Barça, there was on the bench a source of inspiration for Antonella Roccuzzo, the girlfriend of none other than Lionel Messi.
First the huddle seemed harmless, but when the goalkeeping coach openly Roccuzzo stroked the cheek, sat Mrs. Messi is still uncomfortable with. The strange scene is interrupted when hubby Lionel Messi appears on the scene out of the tunnel. With a broad smile Messi's girlfriend's eyeball and son Thiago takes over.

Note in the video also on the role of the third person on the couch, a little scornfully as 'Big Black' defined. As a kind of bodyguard annex baby he keeps a watchful eye and captures smoothly Neymars son Davi Lucca

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