Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Berlusconi's girlfriend: "I'll marry him"

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At nearly 77 years and with two backs separations, former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi admits that his current girlfriend, Francesca Pascale, 28, has returned the desire to believe in "true love" women.
The political leader of the center-right in Italy stars in the cover of the next issue of the Italian edition of the magazine 'Vanity Fair' by Pascale, who provides the owner of an extensive interview which is quite a statement of intent: 'I will marry him '.
"In all of the most painful situations in recent years, Francesca has managed to be near me. He gave me joy, without asking anything in return. Me back the desire to believe in sincere love of a woman, "said Berlusconi, in a preview of the interview released today by the publication containing EFE.
The images of both, one of the few occasions in which Berlusconi has posed with a couple for a magazine, were taken at the residence of former prime minister in Arcore, near Milan (northern Italy), one of the places where I used to provide private parties generated much controversy.
Berlusconi Vanity In the interview, Pascale explains how it was she who, while still a minor, decided he had to get to 'il Cavaliere' and how did you first contact with him when he became a member of the political party that Berlusconi wants to relaunch now, the conservative Forza Italia. "Then I asked if I could leave the phone number. He also asked his. He told me: 'You heartless'. It was on October 5, 2006, "recalls the young man who waited to file reports that because he was then married to Veronica Lario, his second wife, but that did not make dissipate her love for him.
And even though her parents did not look kindly feelings-his mother told him that they also admired him, but he could be her father-she finally took the step to declare, once separated and shortly after an unbalanced I threw a statuette in Milan in December 2009.
"He said, 'No way, you're too young, I can not give you the future you deserve,'" says Pascale which Berlusconi replied, in the first instance sentenced last June to seven years in prison and a lifetime ban for abuse of power and incitement to prostitution of minors in the Ruby case. Pascale, whose presence as Berlusconi girlfriend not revealed to the Italian public scene until last year, tells you not give up and followed him, even with the Ruby case, until it was Christmas 2011, when both were engaged.
"Women pressed upon him ... It was the period of disillusionment, of the inability to feel true love for a woman ... In his eyes was a dreamer, a dreamer. It was not easy for me. And to those dinners (which gave rise to the Ruby case) because it would not have gotten control myself, "he says.
"Before I would just be near him, to share, to hold wagons and carts, but my love has led me to the exclusivity and happiness today," he adds.
On the possibility of becoming the third wife of billionaire businessman after his second divorce is final, Pascale says, "I've looked, I've courted, I asked I did fall in love and commit. Practically I have done and I do it all: he just has to say 'yes' ".

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