Thursday, 22 August 2013

Ex-boyfriend Guillaume: "Sylvie is empty, they can not '

  Sylvie Guillaume and in happier times © bruno.
Turmoil in showbiz. Guillaume Zarka (33), the wealthy French ex-boyfriend of Sylvie van der Vaart said in an interview with the German magazine Closer told details about his five-month romance with the blonde presenter.
The two had first met each other at a restaurant. The next night they saw each other again in a club. Within two minutes had viewed the matter. They left the club together and that same night they went to bed together. A heady start of the relationship that was not determined by Guillaume satisfactory. "Suddenly I saw her. Only! She came to me and what I will say more about ... Two minutes later we had left the club and we went to my house. We ended up with each other in bed. I did not know. Her name, those who love me For us it was clear at that time: this is a night stand, "says Guillaume.

In the interview he also says Sylvie 'empty and lonely "and is interested in nothing. He claims she can not cook and that almost all her daily worries out of your hands are taken by a personal assistant.

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