Monday, 27 May 2013

Fanny Neguesha vueven Balotelli and be together!

Neither the mysterious brunette at San Siro accompanied his brother Enock, and Shayna Grace , the close friend of Fanny and only woman to follow on twitter. None of them, as had been speculated, is the new girlfriend of Mario Balotelli. Balotelli's new girlfriend and ... your ex, Fanny Neguesha!
In fact, the couple has reconciled. So say the means of 'Cuore' Italian and no evidence to testify. First, they were spotted this week in Brescia, holding hands, then both were photographed in the center of Milan, near the offices of Inter, and the gates to a jewelry store.
It appears that the couple has made peace and relive their 'love story' after a break that lasted less than a month. A break was attributed to the jealousy of the model and the lack of seriousness of the player. However, we have gone from one extreme to another. And already there is speculation that in addition to bring to Brazil to continue his participation in the Confederations Cup with the Italian national team, soon be made official their courtship and marriage vow. Although, with Balotelli, you can never take anything for granted ...
While we wait events, nothing better than seeing the photos of Fanny infartante Neguesha. Enjoy!
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